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From Rahul:

my name is rahul and im from mumbai, india. im 22 and am still hooked on to tintin and asterix, and have been so ever since i can remember.

visited your site for the first time today and enjoyed it. i just thought i'd like to contribute one little observation - in "the broken ear", after pablo is sent by rodriguez to assassinate tintin, the mix-up occurs where ramon and pablo both try use their weapons at almost the same time - ramon throws his knife and misses, and the knife goes on to cut a bunch of bananas which ultimately fall on pablo's head, causing him to misfire. well, here is another very rare mistake by herge - in the bunch of bananas he has drawn, the bananas are facing downward. in other words, the bottom tip of the bananas are pointing towards the ground. however, in reality, bananas never grow that way, their bottom tips point upwards as they grow. i have attached an image of a bunch of bananas growing, found at random from a website called, so you will understand what i mean.

one more thing - for all tintin fans , there are two books which are really worth reading. they are "tintin - The complete companion", and "the adventures of herge, creator of tintin". Both are written by a tintinophile called michael farr. They are very interesting for anyone who likes tintin. i think the above little observation about the bananas finds mention in "the complete companion".

by the way, tintin is supposedly published in one indian language - bengali. but i have never seen any copies for sale yet........

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