Name: David Brooks
Profession: Arts consultant -- Van Gogh specialist
Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Vincent van Gogh Gallery The most comprehensive online resource for the art and life of Vincent van Gogh. Includes the complete works and letters.
Ossi Stojka Who was this young Roma boy? Learn about his life . . . and death . . . at Birkenau.
Captain Haddock Captain Haddock, the irascible sea man of Herge's famous Tintin series, could turn a phrase like no one else.
Brush with Greatness A "Six Degrees of Separation" hybrid . . . usually without the star power.
The Plane Game Are they washed up? Lacking in talent? Or just "plane" annoying. Reserve a seat for them today!
Courage, Bread and Roses: A Tribute to Cookie Mueller A profile of a unique and remarkable woman.
The Rupert Little Bear Library A blast from my own past. These small British children's books bring back happy memories.
2JP Explore the strange, yet glamourous, world of the Two Jealous Perverts.
Tim Tim's homepage. From Cajun dishes with a 007 twist to wacky translations. . . .
I Hate Christie Blatchford The worst writer in the history of mankind.
Kitty My much missed cat.

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