David's Tribute to the One, the Only . . . .

The life story of Kitty has tragic beginnings, but in the end Kitty triumphs over adversity and continues, to this day, to lead a very happy life.

Tim and I got Kitty on 21 June 1992 at the Toronto Humane Society. She was a 1 1/2 year old stray (found wandering all by herself in the rain) who had probably recently had kittens. A number of people have had less than positive dealings with humane societies, but our experience with the one in Toronto was quite good. The T.H.S. had put out a call via newspapers and television asking people to come in and adopt a cat since there was a serious overpopulation of cats that summer. So we went and looked over all of the many nice cats waiting for a good home. Such a difficult decision! You really wanted to take them all home. The Toronto Humane Society attaches a clipboard to each of the cages which tells you a bit about the cats. I'll never forget three particular cats:

So we've had Kitty for ten years now and I can tell you that she lives a very contented life. She's definitely a creature of habit. Every morning she follows you as you stagger out to the coffee maker and then insists on sitting on your lap as you read the morning Globe and Mail. Kitty generally snoozes most of the day or looks out the window. She's almost always looking out the window when we come home (sometimes we jingle our keys as we come up the front walk to get her attention) and greets us at the door like an affection-deprived puppy. Kitty's extremely well behaved except when you're trying to make yourself a sandwich in which case she won't leave you alone. If you happen to be making a ham sandwich, her special favourite, then it's game over.

I was never really a cat person before we got Kitty (most of the cats I had met were aloof, miserable devils), but I'm certainly much more so now. Whenever Tim and I travel we have friends take care of Kitty and we generally drop her off the day before we leave. So for almost a day our home has no pets. It creates a completely different feeling in our home--it feels strangely empty around the apartment. All of you pet owners know just what I'm talking about.

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"Our girl."

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