The "Plane Game" is easy to play and fun, too!

I came up with the idea for the "Plane Game" a number of years ago when I saw a commercial for a bad, made-for-TV airplane disaster movie. This was back in the days when all of those Airport movies were in vogue.

This particular TV movie was your standard, run-of-the-mill fare, but what impressed me the most were the "stars". I can't remember exactly everyone that was in this movie, but they were along the lines of:

What struck me most was that everyone that had a seat on this ill-fated flight was a Hollywood has-been. What losers! These unemployed hacks hadn't been able to find work in years, but somehow all came together in this disaster plane movie.

So the thought occurred to me: can all seats on this plane be filled? There must be a few empty seats--who can we book on this ill-fated Flight of Mediocrity? I'm talking real nobodies, past and present. How about:

Here are some suggestions sent in by visitors to this page . . . . . . . .

Tammy definitely has some strong ideas about who should book a flight on the plane: There are so many more, but that's all I can think of right now.
Tanja has several suggestions: And as a special treat, we can be transporting convicts - a sort of “Con Air” tribute, starring:

Check out their mugshots:

That’s my contribution to The Plane.

Scott from Scotland writes:
Mike suggests:
Sharon has a suggestion:
A recent submission:
Joseph writes: "How about some childhood favorites?"
"Warmcub" writes: Being an avid fan of the "Airport" series, there are sooo many folks who come to mind, however, here's a start:

Larry has some great new candidates for the plane:
Ted from California has some good ones:
Here are two British suggestions sent in:
A California has-been enthusiast writes: "Look, Mommy! A falling star!"

Chris from California has a case of "Corey-phobia":

Someone suggests:
Connie in Washington, D.C. has a beef with Babs:
Nicole is not a member of the International Cher Fan Club:
Former plane people who have had their sentences commuted:
You see? It's easy to play! So let's assume that this Plane of Fools, like Doctor Who's TARDIS, is infinitely large on the inside. This means that there's lots more room for additional passengers.

So I invite you to submit your suggestions for additional plane people.

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