Spring Valley Reformed Church
Marriage Records
for the period
June 23, 1865 - February 16, 1935

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[Grateful appreciation is extended to Pat Bedson who kindly permitted me to duplicate her copy of these records - BEH]

Pages 334 and 335

1. John Lansing Haring, of Spring Valley, Carrie Hogan of Monsey, NY, June 23, 1865, by Rev. John R. Brock
2. John W. Bensen, Kate Labagh, both of Paterson, NJ, Oct. 26, 1865, by Rev. John R. Brock.
3. Charles Goodrich, Mary Carson, both of New City, NY, Nov. 19, 1865, by Rev. John R. Brock.
4. George W. White of Canandaigua, NY, Laura L. Harvey of Ramapo, NY, May 13, 1866, by Rev. John R. Brock.
5. Isaac E. House of Clarkstown, NY, Melissa Smith of Monsey, NY, May 30, 1866, by Rev. John R. Brock.
6. James H. Potter of Nyack, NY, Kate Gurnee of Clarkstown, NY, Sept. 19, 1866, by Rev. John R. Brock.
7. Washington Buckley, Maggie F. Sweeny, both of N. Y. City, Dec. 31, 1866, by Rev. John R. Brock.
8. H. Edgar Sherwood of Monsey, NY, Sarah Elizabeth Haming of Spring Valley, NY, Apr. 18, 1867, by Rev. John R. Brock.
9. Samson D. Wood, Emma McKee, both of Ramapo, NY, June 4, 1867, by Rev. John R. Brock.
10. Charles H. Tallman of New City, NY, Clarinda Palmer of Spring Valley, NY, July 3, 1867, by Rev. John R. Brock.

Pages 336 and 337

11. John Henry Ackerman of Saddle River, NJ, Maria Louisa Taylor of Pascack, NJ, Aug. 21, 1867, by Rev. John R. Brock.
12. Abram C. Sherwood, Serena Blauvelt, both of Spring Valley, NY, Sept. 12, 1867, by Rev. John R. Brock.
13. Brower Palmer of Clarkstown, NY, Mary Amelia Straut of Spring Valley, NY, Dec. 24, 1867, by Rev. John R. Brock.
14. Peter H. C. Sherman of Clarkstown, NY, Catherine Jane King of New York City, Dec. 25, 1867, by Rev. John R. Brock.
15. Jacob E. Straut, Rebecca J. White, both of Spring Valley, NY, Feb. 19, 1868, by Rev. John R. Brock.
16. Charle Beekman, Mary Ebolhart, both of Monsey, NY, June 24, 1868, by Rev. John R. Brock.
17. Oscar J. Blauvelt of Nyack, NY, Mattie E. Van Orden of Spring Valley, Dec. 2, 1868, by Rev. John R. Brock.
18. Henry Van Doren of New York City, Margaret Elizabeth Gurner of Tallman's Station, NY, Feb. 7, 1869, by Rev. John R. Brock.
19. Augustus Wandle of New City, NY, Mary J. Scott of Nyack, NY, May 15, 1869, by Rev. John R. Brock.

Pages 338 and 339

20. Nicholas C. Blauvelt, Mrs. Lavinia Conklin, both of Spring Valley, NY, Sept. 9, 1869, by M. B. Smith. Married at Spring Valley. Cert. Given. Wit. Mrs. Jemima G. Bryn, Mrs. Augusta E. Smith.
21. Charles J. Springsteen, Sarah J. Osbon, both of Spring Valley, NY, Oct. 27, 1869, John R. Brock, married at Spring Valley.
22. Sylvester S. Bogert, MD, of New York City, Kittie Van Sant, of Middletown, Rockland County, NY, Oct. 28, 1869, JRB, married at Middletown.
23. William Lindsey 23, Mary E. Montgomery 22, both of New York City, Dec. 25, 1869. M. B. Smith, married at Spring Valley, NY. Cert. given. Witness: May Ann Armstrong.
24. John Henry Balken 24, parents John & May, Grace G. Gotty 19, parents Thomas & Ellen, both of Spring Valley, NY, Mar. 8, 1870, M. B. Smith, married in the church. Witnesses: a large congregation. Cert. given.
25. John Henry Pell 39, of Passaic, NJ, Mary Wessels, of Paramus, NJ, June 15, 1870, M. B. Smith, married at residence of bride's mother - Paramus, NJ. Witnesses: Peter Board, John B. Pell
26. John Jacob Zabriskie 23, of Ridgewood, NJ, Mary Catherine Board 21, of Paramus, NJ, Sept. 14, 1870, by M B. Smith, at residence of Peter Board, Paramus, NJ. (Cert. given). Witnesses: John H. Pell, Peter Board.
27. Abram Weller, of Haverstraw, NY, Margaret C. Van Houten, of New City, NY, Apr. 30, 1870, by John R. Brock, at Spring Valley.
28. Abram Furman, Isabella Van Kiper, both of Spring Valley, NY, Mar. 1, 1871, by John R. Brock, at Spring Valley.
29. David Ackerman, Augusta M. Kimmil(?), both of Saddle River, Nov. 1, 1871, by Richard DeWitt, Spring Valley at parsonage, Cert. given.
30. Isaac Hardenbergh Van Houten, of Clarkstown, Sarah M. Smith, of Spring Valley, Nov. 15, 1871, by Richard Smith, Cert. given.
31. Enos S. Jersey, Emma Kapp, both of Haverstraw, June 15, 1871, by John R. Brock, at his residence.
32. Oscar M. Whitlock of Spring Valley, Sarah E. Van Houten of New City, June 18, 1871, by John R. Brock at his residence.
33. Philip Tipp, of Gasco, NY, Cornelia Scott, of Williamsburgh, Long Island, May 22, 1872, by Richard DeWitt. Married at 204 South 5th St., Williamsburgh, L.I., Certificate given.

Pages 340 and 341

34. Ira Van Ostrand, of Nanuet, NJ [sic], Mary Palmer, of Spring Valley, June 4, 1872, by Richard DeWitt, at Spring Valley (Cert. given). Witnesses: Abra Palmer and Elenor Palmer.
35. Peter R. Kelly, of Brooklyn, NY, Sarah E. Peirson, of Spring Valley, NY, June 27, 1872, by Richard DeWitt, at Spring Valley, (Cert. given). Witnesses: Frank Charlton and Albert Hopper.
36. Daniel D. Smith, Fannie W. Redding, both of Spring Valley, NY, Nov. 16, 1872, by Richard DeWitt, at Spring Valley, NY. Witness: Mrs. Andrew Smith
37. George Osborn, Amelia H. Fletcher, both of Saddle River, NJ., Nov. 28, 1872, by Richard DeWitt, at Saddle River. Witnesses: DeWitt Sherwood and Ada Fletcher. Certificate given.
38. Edgar Van Zant, of Spring Valley, NY, Julis Scott, of Clarksville, NY, Dec. 4, 1872, by Richard DeWitt, at Bride's Fathers. Witnesses: Abm Van Zant and Andrew Smith. Certificate given.
39. John Horn(?), Eliza Odell, both of Ladentown, NY., Jan. 29, 1873, by Richard DeWitt, at Parsonage. (Cert.)
40. Wm. Baker and Emma DeBaun (of SV), June 25, 1873, by Richard DeWitt, at S. A. DeBaun's. Witnesses: S. A. DeBaun and Jacob Eckerson. Certificate given.
41. Theodore Babcock of Haverstraw, NY and Julia D. Van Houten of Spring Valley, NY, Aug. 31, 1873, Richard DeWitt officiating, at Bride's Fathers. Certificate given.
42. John R. Herring of Closter, N.J. and Elizabeth H. Tallman of Spring Valley, NY, July 31, 1873, Richard DeWitt officiating, at Bride's Fathers. Certificate given.
43. William Holden and Mary Herbert, both of Haverstraw, NY Witnesses: Jemima G. Breyer and C. H. DeWitt. Richard DeWitt officiating at Spring Valley. Cert. given.
44. Isaac DeWitt Sherwood of Spring Valley, NY and Ada H. Fletcher of Saddle River, N.J., May 20, 1874. Witnesses: C. R. Wise and Serena Sherwood. Richard DeWitt officiating at Saddle River (Bride's Fathers). Certificate given.
45. Preston W. Smith of Spring Valley, NY and Libbie A. Harring of Park Ridge, N.J., July 15, 1874. Witnesses: Richard Smith and Wm. Harring. Richard DeWitt officiating, at Father of Bride, Park Ridge. Certificate given.
46. Albert Goetschius and Louisa M. Conklin, both of Spring Valley, NY, Nov. 8, 1874. Witness: John D. Blauvelt. Richard DeWitt officiating, at groom's mothers.

Page 342

47. John A. Cook and Susan E. Peirson, Nov. 8, 1874. Witnesses: Albert Hopper and Jacob Eckerson. Cert. given.
48. Samuel C. Westervelt and Rachel B. Durye, Dec. 9, 1874. Witnesses: Mrs. Blauvelt and Mrs. C. H. DeWitt. Cert. given.
49. Marcus J. Abrams and Annie E. Furman, Feb. 15, 1875. Witness: Jacob Abrams. Certificate given.
50. Harry Towner and Jennie Dougherty, March 5, 1875. Cert. given.
51. Wm. H. Thompson and Mrs. Maria Seares, April 7, 1875. Cert. given.
52. Daniel Decker and Charlotte L. Seares, April 7, 1875. Cert. given.
53. Francis Call and Sarah Martagan, May 30, 1875. Cert. given.
54. Colin Reed Wise and Serena Sherwood, June 15, 1875. Witnesses: Henry Wise and Harvey Sherwood Yes. [sic]
55. George W. Wood and Lizzie Inglis, June 24, 1875. Witnesses: John C. Wood and David Inglis. Cert. given.
56. James H. Ackerman and Julia F. Smith, Oct. 5, 1875. Witnesses: Rev. W. B. Merritt and Henry Smith. Cert. given.
57. Nicholas Bohr and Mary Green, Feb. 14, 1877. Witnesses: Rev. I. D. Cole and Annie Cole.
58. Outwater Hutton and Lizzie Blauvelt, June 6, 1877. Rev. Peter E. Kipp officiated.

Page 343
    Pastorate of D. Van Pelt
59. George Van Seilen and Jennie Wckoff of Morwood, May 22, 1878. Witnesses: Alfred H. Kent and Mary Van Siclen. Cert. given.

By Rev. C. E. Crispell, D.D.

60. Nov. 3, 1879, at Spring Valley, Isaac Odell, Esq. Of Elmira, NY and Miss C. Elizabeth Welling daughter of the late G. Post Welling, formerly of Newburgh, NY
61. Sept. 8, 1880, at Spring Valley, NY William E. De Clark of Nyack and Miss Fannie G. Brady of Spring Valley, NY
62. Nov. 17, 1880, at Spring Valley, NY William T. Frost, of Morrisania, NY and Miss Biena Steffan, of Spring Valley, NY
63. Dec. 22, 1880, at Spring Valley, NY, Charles H. Ackerman and Miss Carrie Vanderbilt, both of Ramapo, NY
64. Jan. 18, 1822, at Jersey City, N.J., Edward Clarence Mix, of New York City, and Mary Louisa Gebhard, of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Page 344

65. Dec. 4, 1822, at Spring Valley, NY, Stephen A. Stevens, of Ramapo, NY, and Miss Elizabeth Singer, of Monsey, NY (Ramapo)
66. May 20, 1883, at Spring Valley, NY, George W. Abrams and Katy Jane Ryan, both of Haverstraw, NY
67. Feb. 21, 1884, at Nanuet, NY, Joseph Swenarton, of New York City and Mary M. Hopper, of Nauet, NY
68. Aug. 3, 1884, at Spring Valley, NY, A. Reinholdson, of New York City, and Hilma Karlson, of Spring Valley, NY.
69. Oct. 28, 1884, at Spring Valley, NY, Theodore F. Randolph, of Nyack, NY, and Adele A. Van Houten, of Spring Valley, NY.
70. Dec. 17, 1884, in Town of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY, William A. Palmer, of New York City, and Bertha A. Hopkins, of Ramapo.
71. Jan. 7, 1885, at Spring Valley, NY, January 5th, Jacob Taylor, of Englewood, New Jersey, and Martha L. Eckerson, of Spring Valley, NY.

Page 345

72. Dec. 30, 1885, at Spring Valley, NY, William D. Kerr and Ellen Van Orden, both of Spring Valley, NY.
73. Apr. 27, 1886, at West New Hempstead, Everett A. Cooper and Sarah M. Blanchard, both of Town of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY.
74. May 29, 1886, at Spring Valley, NY, Irving Keesler and Carrie Julia Tallman, both of Spring Valley, NY.
75. June 9, 1886, at Spring Valley, NY, Henry H. Inglis and Malvina Young, both of Spring Valley, NY.
76. Feb. 2, 1867, at Spring Valley, Augustus E. Van Zant and Sarah Ferguson, both of Spring Valley, NY.
77. Aug. 31, 1887, Rev. Peter Crispell, Pastor of Rev. Church of Warwick, Orange Co., NY, and Marie DePuy Schoonmaker, of Stone Ridge, NY.
78. Sept. 7, 1887, Willard Parkes Smith and Amy Florence Gebhard, both of Spring Valley, NY.
79. July 25, 1888, Howard E. Ronk of Brooklyn, NY, and Sadie C. Wigton, of Spring Valley, NY.

Page 346

80. Aug. 16, 1889, Elbert Talman and Eleanor C. Smith, both of Spring Valley, NY.
81. Aug. 25,    , Charles E. Duryea of Pearl River and Rosalie Abramson of Mont Vale, NJ.
82. Nov. 2,        , John H. Hendrik of Saddle River, NJ, and Rhoda Covert of Spring Valley, NY.
83. Nov. 21,    , William Parkman Basstow of Brooklyn, New York, and Mary Louise Safford of Spring Valley NY.
84. Jan. 9, 1890, Albert B. Sutton and Emma A. Jacobs, both of Nyack, NY.
85. Oct. 8, 1890, Frank Westervelt and Mattie Blauvelt, both of Spring Valley, NY.
86. June 24, 1891, John H. Sharpe of Nyack, NY, and Anna A. Wanamaker of Spring Valley, NY.
87. Oct. 25, 1891, Elbert C. Van Nostrand and Minnie Scott, both of Nyack, NY.
88. Nov. 26, 1891, William Wallace Provost of Brooklyn, NY, and Mary Luella Van Orden of Spring Valley, NY.
89. May 2, 1892, Andrew Van Orden and Martha Van Orden Smith, both of Spring Valley, NY.
90. Aug. 3, 1892, Albert C. Piper of Lowell, Wis., and Minesota E. Wells of Nanuet, NY.
91. Mar. 8, 1893, Brant V. B. Baily and Nancy Puder Cromwell, both of Paterson, NJ.
92. May 17, 1893, Arza Barnard of Port Ewen, NY, and Bellie Crispell of Kingston, NY.

Page 347

93. June 28, 1893, Rev. John S. Van Orden of Blawenburg, NJ, and Ida Van Ess of Newark, NJ.
94. Aug. 30, 1893, Richard Waldo Osborn of Ridgefield, Con't. and Annie Talman of Spring Valley, NY.
95. Sept. 6, 1893, George H. Budke, Jr. of Bardonia, NY, and Martha D. Eickhoff of Nanuet, NY.
96. June 1, 1894, Robert Sloane Pollock of New York City, and Matilda Westervelt Blauvelt of Spring Valley, NY.
97. Aug. 9, 1894, John W. Meyers of Hudson, NY, and Mrs. Ruth A. Turner of Spencer, Mass.
98. Aug. 25, 1894, Dana W. Smith and Sarah L. Wanamaker, both of Spring Valley, NY.
99. Nov. 7, 1894, Henry Hunter and Lucinda Rowlins, both of North Carolina. Colored.
100. Feb. 7, 1895, Hermas Tischner and Margaret Traller, both of Spring Valley, NY.
101. May 14     , John Donald Dunlop and Effey B. Smith, both of Spring Valley, NY.
102. March 25, 1896, Charles Gale and Mollie Sommerville, both of Spring Valley, NY. Colored.
103. Mar. 29, 1896, Alvin Cole of Tallman's, and Sophie Singer of Ramapo.
104. April 5,     , William H. Babcock and Carrie M. Jones, both of Town of Haverstraw.
105. July 22,     , James H. Rhodes of Naunet, nY, and Lizzie Ritter of Spring Valley, NY.
106. Aug. 9,     , Elsworth Brower and Emma Eichman, both of Spring Valley, NY.

Page 348

107. Dec. 7, 1897, Abram P. Chalker, M.D. and Catharine Eltinge Lounsbery, both of Kingston, NY.
108. Jan. 26, 1898, Jonathan William Sherwood and Anna Bertha Tallman, both of Ramapo Township, Spring Valley, NY.
109. Mar. 30,     , Albert S. Collingnon of Westwood, NY, and Hattie Covert of Spring Valley, NY.
110. Feb. 21, 1900, Percival Van Orden and Anna Amelia Van Alstine, both of Spring Valley, NY.
111. Apr. 15, 1900, James V. Holmes of Bergen Field, NY, and Hannah A. Ryerson, of Nanuet, NY.
112. May 20, 1900, Samuel A. Slingerland of Paterson, NJ, and Emma Ackerman of North Paterson, NJ.
113. Aug. 19, 1900, William E. Stalter and Grace B. Johnson, both of Stony Point, NY.
114. Sept. 8, 1900, Jacob King and Mrs. Sarah E. Johnson, both of Pearl River.
115. Apr. 3, 1901, Samuel A. Smith and Mari MacGregor Campbell, both of Spring Valley, NY.
116. Apr. 29, 1902, Edwrad L. Esha (or Espa) of Atlanta, Georgia, and Katherine A. Abrams of Spring Valley, NY.
117. June 18, 1902, Rollin J. Knapp of Mount Grey, NY, and Carrie Van Zant of Spring Valley, NY.
118. Sept. 17, 1904, Willis P. Inglis and Blanche S. Hopper, both of Spring Valley, NY.

Page 349

119. Nov. 16, 1904, Clarence William Brown and Jennie Marillda Baker, both of Nanuet, NY. Witnesses: Ethel Helena Hunting and James Henry Rhodes.

By James M. Martin

120. July 14, 1905, Carl H. B. Trumbull and Lillian May Wanamaker, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: T. H. Stephens and Edith Rutan.
121. Nov. 29, 1905, George Norm Crabbe, of Yonkers, NY, and Clara Mae Pierce of Minneapolis, Minn. Witnesses: Jennie P. M. Wheeler and Amelia Mowbray. Ceremony performed at Monsey, NY.
122. Jan. 21, 1906, Joseph Truman Coates and Adele Lindeman. Witness: Ida Candidus.
123. May 16, 1906, Christopher Miefer and Sarah Elma Johnson. Witness: Elbert Talman.
124. June 14, 1906, Warren A. Ackerman and Mary Ella Keyes. Witness: A. Winter, Jr., at Tallmans.
125. Aug. 8, 1906, John Demarest Oakley, Jr. and Ella Frances Egen. Witness: Mrs. H. A. Runyon, at parsonage.
126. Charles Henry Secor of Pearl River, and Mabel Louise Granger, of Spring Valley. Witness: Aaron J. Cooper, at parsonage.
127. Apr. 29, 1907, Gordon Concklin of Pomona and Emma May Peters of Spring Valley. Witness: Edward Peters, at parsonage.

Page 350

128. July 18, 1907, Geo. Washington Brehm of Spring Valley and Ella Washington Conklin of Pomona. Witness: Ellen V. O. Kerr.
129. Aug. 4, 1907, Stephen Leroy Anderson of N.Y. and Sadie Rose of Spring Valley. Witness: Mabel Marvin.
130. Dec. 24, 1907, Kenneth Lee Hawkins and Eva May Hubter, both of Spring Valley. Witness: Rob Bowden.
131. Jan. 18, 1908, Irving Gerard Cook of Spring Valley and Helen Law Phelan. Witnesses: John Ahearn and Mrs. Lottie Ahearn.
132. Feb. 5, 1908, Edward W. Peters and Annie Elliott. Witnesses: Matthew Elliott and Bessie M. Gibbons.

By Albert Clark Wyckoff

133. Apr. 30, 1910, Lieut. Collin H. Ball and Maude Lorraine Eno of New York City. Witness: Preston M. Selleck.
134. June 21, 1910, Jesse South, Gypsy and Jennie Burnam, Gypsy. Witnesses: Mr. And Mrs. J. H. Bostwick of Pine Plains, NY.
135. Dec. 21, 1910, James A. Duryea and Bertha Terhune, both of Saddle River, NJ. Witnesses: Miss May Jacobs and Mrs. Irving Duryea.
136. Feb. 22, 1911, Theodore Baker and Gertrude Hargreaves Clough, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Henry Bertram and May Alice Clough.
137. Mar. 6, 1911, David Talmage, Jr. of Brooklyn, NY and Jessie Dora Hopp of New York City. Witnesses: T. Markham Talmage and Margaret C. Hopp.

Page 351

138. May 16, 1911, Howard McCormick and Josephine Newell, both of Leonia, NJ. Witnesses: Chas. S. Chapman and Frederick McCormick.
139. Apr. 10, 1912, George B. Green of Pomona, NY and Cora L. Abrams of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Mary Boyd Bailey and Catharine Abrams.
140. Aug. 11, 1912, Fred Moles and Grace Fischer, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Tessie Heintz and Harold I. Moles.
141. Apr. 40, 1913, Harold McLeod and Sadie Fredericks Husson , both of Pomona, NY. Witnesses: John C. McLeod and Josephina B. Suydam.
142. June 18, 1913, Charles Colton Husson and Ada Ackerman Smith, both of Pomona, NY.
143. Sept. 1, 1913, Harry E. Heyns of Spring Valley, NY and Mabel B. Randell of Central Nyack, NY. Witnesses: Harry E. Doremus and Ada M. Heyns.
144. Sept. 1, 1913, Harry E. Doremus of Suffern, NY and Ada M. Heyns of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Harry E. Heyns and Mabel B. R. Heyns.
145. Oct. 3, 1913, William A, E, Decker and Rachel D. Tallman, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Florence V. Kusler and May Estelle Kusler.
146. Nov. 26, 1913, Samuel Stalter and Lillian Cabel, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Charles M. Cabel and Mrs. Ella Baker.

Page 352

147. Sept. 15, 1914, Lucas R. Schermerhorn and Sarah Budd, South Schodack. Cert, given.
148. July 24, 1914, Floyd Anderson and Mamie Guhas, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Stanley Stalter and Florence Anderson. Cert. Given.
149. Aug. 12, 1914, Andrew A. Straub and Charlotte M. Conklin, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Mrs. J. S. Van Orden and Mary E. Wyckoff. Cert. Given.
150. Oct. 5, 1914, Charles Elisha Donaldson and Mary Hascen, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Mr. & Mrs. Irving Keesler. Cert. Given.
151. Dec. 18, 1914, Edward Seeley of Tallman, NY and Emma Rickle. Witnesses: Andrew Baker and Elsie Rickle. Cert. Given.
152. Jan. 5, 1916, Robert Carl Matern of Pearl River, NY and Nellie May Stuart of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Phebe C. Eno and Mary E. Wyckoff.
153. May 15, 1916, Charles James Lynch of Spring Valley, NY and Thresa Hintzen of Paterson, NJ. Witnesses: Mrs. Minnie Pitman and Mrs. Susie Kneiss.
154. May 27, 1916, John Langerus of Allendale, NJ and Anna Weysman of Singac, NJ. Witnesses: Folkert Langerus and Derik Weysman.
155. May 28, 1916, Sidney Heorge Cable of Peark River, NY and Jennie Straub of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Elizabeth Cable and Thomas Dunn.
156. June 25, 1916, Stanley LeRoy Simms and Fannie Smith, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Mr. And Mrs. J. M. Bloom. Cert. Given.

Page 353

157. Aug. 5, 1916, Harold Conklin and May Campbell, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Elizabeth Van Orden and Elise DeRonde. Cert. Given.
158. Sept. 26, 1916, Martin Loeffler and Margaretta Gatto, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Phebe C. Eno and Mary E. Wyckoff. Cert. Given.
159. Oct. 28, 1916, Henry Garrick Bender and Matilda Schatz, both of Spring Valley, NY. Witnesses: Henrig Herman and Babette Bender. Cert. Given.
160. Feb. 12, 1917, Charles B. Winters and Josephine Hine. Witnesses: John S. Van Orden and Mary E. Wyckoff. Cert. Given.
161. Aug. 8, 1917, Stuart L. Westervelt and Vira Winters. Witnesses: Gladya Voorhis and Mary E. Wyckoff. Cert. Given.
162. Aug. 12, 1917, Levi Weed Babcock and Ethel Mae Storms. Witnesses: Louis Babcock and Cora Babcock. Cert. Given.
163. Aug. 15, 1917, Raymond Earle Biehl and Hazel Marie Floyd. Witnesses: Joseph Healey and Arthur Philips. Cert. Given.
164. Nov. 11, 1917, Frank D. Smith and Adelia Martha Jones. Witnesses: Louis Babcock and Cora May Babcock. Cert. Given.
165. Dec. 2, 1917, Max Charles Gessner and Redna Florence Downs. Cert. Given.
166. Dec. 23, 1917, Edward A. Miller and Gwendolyn D. Mitchell. Witnesses: Downing A. Reinbrecht and Marion J. Mitchell. Cert. Given.

Page 354

167. Jan 31, 1918, John Michel Graber and Marie Elizabeth Day. Witnesses: Ella D. Schmidt and Jennie C. Graber. Cert. Given.
168. Feb. 23, 1918, Frank Sherwood and Laura Straut. Witnesses: Frank M. Dailey and Helen Sherwood. Cert. Given.
169. Mar. 1, 1919, Frank Meinke and Alice Bird.
170. Mar. , 1919, John Narcross and Anna Marlik.
171. May 3, 1919, Dick C. Sluys and Regina C. Langereis. Witnesses: Folkert Langereis and Cornelius Langereis.
172. June 18, 1919, Walter Palette and Florence E. Meyer. Witnesses: Charles Edwin Westervelt and Matilda Westervelt.
173. Aug. 2, 1919, Albert Bird and Claire Provost. Witnesses: Elizabeth Van Orden and Downing Reinbrecht.
174. Oct. 11, 1919, John L. Conklin and Sarah F. Babcock. Witnesses: Frank D. Smith and Adelia M. Smith.
175. Feb. 3, 1921, John Michael Coughlin and Edna May Smith. Witnesses: Beatrice Williamson and Justin Smith.
176. Mar. 26 [1921], Russell Francis Chapman and Minerva Stanton Van GaasBeek. Witnesses: George E. Ferguson and Bessie Van Gaasbeek.

Page 355

177. June 4, 1921, Wallace McLean Rainey and Elizabeth Thompson Irvine. Witnesses: Robert C. Crowley and Margaret H. Irvine. Cert. Given.
178. June 6, 1921, James Edward Maxwell and Gertrude Regina Thompson. Witnesses: Wm. P. Maxwell and Elsie R. Maxwell. Cert. Given.
179. Oct. 26, 1921, William Henry Conklin, Jr. and Anna M. Petri. Witnesses: Mrs. Alice Conklin and George Petri. Cert. Given.
180. July 19, 1921, T. Markham Talmage and Julia Sackett. Witness: Mr. Sackett . Cert. Given.
181. Dec. 31, 1921, Frank Kleinschmidt and Lily Lebbing. Witnesses: Michael F. Straut and Helen Straut. Cert. Given.
182. Sept. 22, 1922, George Ziegler and Edna Kimmerle. Witnesses: Harry Carl Busch and M. E. Wyckoff. Cert. Given.
183. Sept. 4, 1922, Douglas Sidney Catchim and Elsie Louise Keesler. Witnesses: Arthut L. Catchim and Isaac W. Keesler. Cert. Given.
184. Oct. 14, 1922, F. Stuart Alexander and Ruth Contrell Chapman. Witnesses: Frank M. Alexander and Russel F. Chapman. Cert. Given.
185. Nov. 4, 1922, George Herbert Sackett and Ethel Arletta Seaman. Witnesses: Albert T. Seaman and Jerbert S. Sackett. Cert. Given.
186. Nov. 30, 1922, Frank P. Synder and Gladya R. Wanamaker. Witnesses: Mr. And Mrs. Chas. Wanamaker. Cert. Given.

Page 356

187. Dec. 29, 1922, Arthur William Clarke and Mildred Isabel Tallman. Witnesses: John S. Clarke and Francis P. Tallman. Cert. Given.
188. May 18, 1923, Dilworth Sherwood and Eleanor Day Schmidt. Witnesses: Russell Sherwood and Gertrude M. Schmidt. Cert. Given.
189. June 2, 1923, Glode Requa and Frederica H. Irrmann. Witnesses: Raetta R. Brewer and Dorothy A. Folk. Cert. Goven.
190. June 28, 1923, Downing A. Reinbrecht and Elizabeth Van Orden. Witnesses: Joihn S. Van Orden and George H. Reinbrecht. Cert. Given.
191. Dec. 22, 1923, Charles E. Hermann and Edna Straut. Witnesses: Edward A. Straut and Mrs. Laura Sherwood. Cert. Given.
192. Apr. 8, 1924, Clarence E. Erickson and Olga Van Helms. Witnesses: Malcolm F. Hicks and Ethel M. Tesler. Cert. Given.
193. May 4, 1924, William G. Ernst and Lenore Foley. Witnesses: George E. Heddy and Alice E. Townsend. Cert. Given.
194. May 29, 1924, Emmons M. Grahn and Laura May Smith. Witnesses: Askley A. Walker and Ruth Van Orden. Cert. Given.
195. May 31, 1924, Irving Cassell and Dorothea B. Knapp. Witnesses: H. Rembe and E. Rembe. Cert. Given.
196. June 14, 1924, Harmon Tyler Barber and Olive Josephine Schmidt. Witnesses: H. Fielding Wilkinson and Martha Kosarke. Cert. Given.

Page 357

197. June 28, 1924, William Ayers, Jr., and Evelyn C. Hatch. Witnesses: Andrew J. Hatch and Williams Ayers. Cert. Given
198. July 27, 1924, Walter Storms and Eugenis McElroy. Witnesses: Helen D. Storms and Mary E. Wyckoff. Cert. given.
199. Oct. 4, 1924, Louis Tallman Boecher and Ada Violet Elizabeth Nicholls. Witnesses: Harold T. Sherwood and Gertrude T. Boecher. Cert. given.
200. Dec. 25, 1924, Harold Harm and Marjorie J. Helder. Witnesses: Herbert E. Hillyer and Josephine F. Hillyer. Cert. given.
201. Mar. 8, 1925, Andrew D. Leach and Katherine E. Mahan. Witnesses: Gothard Christiansen and Pauline Leach. Cert. given.
202. Apr. 15, 1925, Stanley S. Slinn and Frieda Anna E. Van Doren. Witnesses: Fred Van Doren and Matilda Van Doren. Cert. given.
203. June 20, 1925, Matthew Dorman Kerr and Mildred Gertrude Cooley. Witnesses: Samuel J. Evans and Myrtle Cooley. Cert. given.
204. Sept. 5, 1925, Frank Edward Henn and Marian Leigh Seaman. Witnesses: Frank Henn and Albert T. Seaman. Cert. given.
205. Oct. 21, 1925, Malcolm Frost Hicks and Louise Day. Witnesses: George Onderdonk and Margery D. Kerr.
206. Oct. 25, 1925, Arie Van Der Vlugt and Myrtle Cooley. Witnesses: Matthew D. Kerr and Mildred C. Kerr.

Page 358

207. Dec. 6, 1925, Everett Moore and Berriniece K. Brown. Witnesses: William G. Ernst and Lenore E. Ernst. Cert. given.
208. Apr. 17, 1926, John Edward Dodd and Margaret Louise Tallman. Witnesses: Joseph Edward Smith and Francis P. Tallman. Cert. Given.
209. June 5, 1926, Frank B. Lehn and Emma M. Kulle. Witnesses: Joseph W. Hobing and Velma Remsen. Cert. Given
210. Jan. 26, 1927, Harry Charles Borchers and Alice Elize Kronmeyer. Witnesses: Frederick C. Kronmeyer and Edward N. Borchers. Cert. Given.
211. Feb. 13, 1927, Thomas Patrick Sutberry and Myrtle Straut. Witnesses: Claud B. Straut and Nellei A. Straut. Cert. Given.
212. Feb. 21, 1927, James L. Abrams and Maude Chaffer. Witnesses: Joseph Mason and Mary E. Wyckoff. Cert. Given.
213. Apr. 18, 1927, Harold Banta and Virginia Mills. Witnesses: Mae S. Mills and Mary E. Wyckoff. Cert. Given.
214. Apr. 19, 1927, Harold R. Simmons and Vera Elaine Bedle. Witnesses: Arthur C. Dolan and Gladys E. Bedle. Cert. Given.
215. Apr. 30, 1927, James Bernard Haera and Flora May Ellison Hoffman. Witnesses: John E. Romaine and Louise E. Schmoll. Cert. Given.
216. Oct. 8, 1927, Harold R. Gonker and Zada Isabel Furman. Witnesses: William Class and Kathryn Graham. Cert. Given.

Page 359

217. Oct. 29, 1927, Frank Elmer Scudder and Edith Palmer Smith. Witnesses: Frederick J. Leverich and Katherine L. Judge. Cert. Given.
218. Sept. 15, 1928, Robert Malcom Frey and Elizabeth Hopper. Witnesses: Mildred L. Frey and Nelson S. Hopper. Cert. Given.
219. Sept. 22, 1928, John Wesley Hooks and Margaret Augusta Onderdonk. Witnesses: Kenneth Hooks and Carrie May Eberling. Cert. Given.
220. Sept. 23, 1928, Henry J. Schultze and Louise Margareta Grafenstadt. Witnesses: Otto V. Schultze and Minnie Grafenstadt. Cert. Given.
221. Sept. 29, 1928, Clarence Knapp Bagg and Janette Adelaide Graham. Witnesses: Sarah E. Whitlock and Martha J. Van Houten. Cert. Given.
222. Dec. 8, 1928, William R. Boese and Dorothy E. Van Horn. Witnesses: Charles Henry Martin and Minnie Grafenstadt. Cert. Given.
223. Apr. 24, 1929, John W. Scofield and Beatrice Feve. Witnesses: Charles E. Scofield and Eula M. Haring..
224. May 11, 1929, Raphael C. Barth and Mildred L. Frey. Witnesses: R. Malcolm Frey and Elizabeth Hopper Frey. .
225. Aug. 17, 1930, George Franklin Eckerson and Rose May Pitt. Witnesses: Dorothy Eckerson and Oscar Pitt.
226. Aug. 31, 1930, Oscar Peter Pitt and Dorothy Marion Eckerson. Witnesses: George Eckerson, Jr. and Rosie M. Eckerson.

Page 360

227. Sept. 21, 1930, Anthony C. Helder and Melania M. Bassaranda. Witnesses: Albert Floyd Unkenholz and Louise Kampfer.
228. Oct. 15, 1930, Peter Stewart and Beatrice Margaret Thompson. Witnesses: Esther Shimmel and Alexander S. Stewart.
229. Nov. 17, 1930, Dennis Edward Walsh and Helen Louise Benes. Witnesses: M. Donald Allan and Mrs. Donald Allan. .
230. Dec. 26, 1930, Walter Henry Schmidt and Helen Cecelia Godeski. Witnesses: Mr. Everett P. Naugle and Mrs. Everett P. Naugle.
231. Mar. 4, 1931, Alexander S. Stewart and Esther F. Shimmal. Witnesses: Peter Stewart and Beatrice M. Stewart.
232. July 1, 1931, Julius Neuenhaus and Beatrice Baker. Witnesses: Norman Pitt and Mrs. Norman Pitt.
233. Nov. 5, 1931, Charles R. Schroeder and Margaret R. Wolf. Witnesses: Joseph Fishkin and Mildred Wolf.
234. May 22, 1932, Wilton Howard Swim and Charlotte Irene Boscher. Witnesses: Susan R. Swim and Annie T. Boecher.
235. June 11, 1932, Harold Harrison Finlay and Arsine Aida Haig. Witnesses: Bessie Elvina Finlay and Reginald Leonard Stelley.
236. July 2, 1932, William C. Manck and Dorothy Marie Henke. Witnesses: William R. Boese and Dorothy Ella Boese.

Page 361

237. Aug. 17, 1932, Luther H. Young and Mary Brotman. Witnesses: Mrs. Alice T. Young and May Uman.
238. Aug. 18, 1932, John Philip Kowolski and Helen Elizabeth Muter. Witnesses: Berdette E. Matthews and Elsie L. Stone.
239. Aug. 21, 1932, Dana Humphrey Smith and Sophia Marie Bauer. Witnesses: Carolyn Bauer and Joseph E. Gehringer.
240. Aug. 23, 1932, Chester Julius Camora and Helen Meneely. Witnesses: Lillian Hall and Salvatore Lotta.
241. Aug. 24, 1932, John Joseph Fusco and Eva Rodgers. Witnesses: Mrs. Jeanette Rodgers and Mrs. Josephine Fusco.
242. Aug. 29, 1932, Sidney H. Kievet and Margaret Veritas Geissler. Witnesses: Agnes Geissler ans J. Henry Myerhouse.
243. Aug. 30, 1932, Byard Sigler and Dorothy Margaret Smith. Witnesses: Zada I. Gonker and Mary E. Wyckoff.
244. Sept. 3, 1932, Harry Forbert Weeks and Dorothy L. Davis. Witnesses: Mrs. Clara E. Brewer and Mary E. Wyckoff.
245. Sept. 6, 1932, Peter F. Botbyl and Alice Quinn. Witnesses: Walter Quinn and Ike Markles.
246. Sept. 6, 1932, Julius John Machuga and Elizabeth Joele. Witnesses: William F. Carroll and Alice K. Carroll.

Page 362

247. Sept. 13, 1932, Peter Gassman and Mildred S. Brodman. Witnesses: Mrs. Rose Dunn and Eugene J. Dunn.
248. Oct. 1, 1932, Frank C. Watson and Ruth C. Sanford. Witnesses: Mary Sanford Scheichart and J. W. Moss.
249. Nov. 22, 1932, Frederick J. Peterson and Grace Eckerson. Witnesses: Percy W. Eckerson and Dorothy V. C. Eckerson.
250. July 9, 1933, Howard Wilton Geiger and Mable H. Houlden. Witnesses: George W. Geiger, Jr. and Madeline R. Houldin.
251. Aug. 30, 1933, Harry Arthur Grootheddle and Emma Christine Elliott. Witnesses: Beatrice Moran and John T. Norris.
252. Aug. 31, 1933, James Angelo, Jr. and Grace Van Winkle. Witnesses: Frances M. Wodarski and Emil J. Schiendlin.
253. Sept. 1, 1933, John J. Dittrich and Margaret E. Pusztag. Witnesses: Jean Heald and James Heald.
254. Sept 2, 1933, Harvey R. Case and Kathryn E. Graham. Witnesses: Martha J. Van Houten and Leland Rickard Meyer.
255. Sept. 16, 1933, John Jasenzak and Dorothy L. Cooley. Witnesses: Marjorie May Lentholt and Michael Jasenzak.
256. April 14, 1934, George Ryder Faxon and Janet Dunlop. Witnesses: Archer L. Faxon and Beveridge C. Dunlop.

Page 363

257. June 26, 1934, Franklin J. Christie and Gertrude T. Boecher. Witnesses: Conrad L. Boecher and Gladys E. Bedle.
258. June 28, 1934, Philip Irving Ingles and Gladys Elinor Bedle. Witnesses: Allen S. Jessup and Eleanor Tidaback.
259. July 22, 1934, Millard G. DuBois and Wilhelmina K. Grafenstadt. Witnesses: Rodney M. BuNois and Louise Schutlze.
260. Aug. 1, 1934, Byron D. Peck and Constance Learnard. Witnesses: Ethel Tonks and Mary E. Wyckoff.
261. Oct. 18, 1934, Carl C. Marcum and Carolyn Louise Bauer. Witnesses: Sophia Bauer Smith and Schuyler Lott.
262. Dec. 24, `934, Warren Conklin and Helen Szeghy. Witnesses: Hattie Conklin and Louis Szeghy.
263. Jan. 31, 1935, Frederick Alton Kastner and Marian Elizabeth Emerson. Witnesses: Catherine Martyn and Joseph Magaano.
264. Feb. 15, 1935, Harland Tucker and Gertrude Eckerson. Witnesses: Clarence Bindoni and Ethel Eckerson.

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