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October 16th, Time slips away!  Been a while since last updated, busy times on Candy Mountain.  Usual real life stuff, nothing really new expect new winter vehicle, as gas prices slither and slide their way up the chart, here I go from a sub-compact vehicle to Lincoln Continental, an older full size car, it's a really nice ride. Here's another page of pirated pics,  animated and posted to Netshit Page 332 for the Netshit Archive pages.

October 1st., Wow, time flies, busy, busy.  I've not updated in a while, busy in real time, but still animating some still pics, funny and or porn and posted to Netshit Page 331 on the Netshit Archive pages.  I've been playing more guitar and music than drawing, but my old 4 track won't bounce tracks anymore, and no cash to splurge on a digital recorder (soon!), so nothing I can share here, yet.  It's getting chilli at nights here, time to recall the wood choppin' girl (Rascal) into action, and get the wood stoves fired up.  Hey, we're just getting over this head cold, lasted forever and a day, it did indeed. 

September 16th, Is it the "cold and flu" season already? Busy times, fun times,  high up the top of Candy Mountain, haven't been doing any artwork, but I may try my hand back at it soon, mostly playing guitar and drums, and writing songs.     Here's Netshit Page 330 and many thanks to for the thumbnails for the Netshit Archive pages. I do have some kewl photographs I'll be posting soon.

September 6th, It was a busy week, finally got the place to ourselves, not that I'm going to wine, hell yes!  Sending the Rascal on a mission to pick up some wine, Red, Red, Wine.... And just to keep the ball rolling, here's Netshit Page 329  for the Netshit Archive pages. Now to put The Studio back together...Oh yeah,  thought I'd share this, last weekend I had Sunny Bird, the Parrot,  out on my motorcycle for a short ride, and then down to a Jam in town, where she sat on my shoulder but she was too shy to sing into the mic.

September 1st,  Happy Labour Day! Tis the end of summer, sort of anyway, and the end of a very long weekend.  Here's Netshit Page 328 for the Netshit Archive pages.





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