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Here's something new, or rather something I came up a while ago with that returned to me over the Internet, and I figure I'd offer the product available on this section of the page.

Contraceptive Assistance Clip (with detachable chastity hook) CAC is an aid for parents with aspirations of parenthood and the miracle of life.


The Still Artwork can be printed. suitable for framing, or add a little expense and it could be printed onto canvas, which looks pretty cool.   Canvas seems expensive but it's pretty cool and does not require glassed in.  

Prices from a local speciality art print shop,  expensive, but highest QUALITY,

Giclée Fine Art Printmaking                                                    

Size                          Photo Paper         Arches Infinity Fine Art Paper and Canvas

13 x 19                          55.00                     70.00

36 x 24                        100.00                    190.00

30 x 44                        130.00                    260.00

60 x 44                        180.00                    390.00

Premium Arches Watercolour Paper

sheet size *     Infinity 355 gsm        Aquarelle 350 gsm

22 x 30                      110.00                    95.00

34 x 46                      190.00                  170.00

* sizes include borders, multiple images can be printed onto a single size

* custom sizes and prices are available                                                                     

- please contact us for a consultation, and quotation on shipping charges.

Prices subject to change. all prices are in Canadian dollars, and do not include applicable taxes,  shipping  or duty.


This is a link to a real store, for real,     This link is stuff really for sale,  not bad prices and a good, well recommended company reputation.  I can add any of the artwork to this site, they will print, invoice and deliver.  Just send me an e-mail specifying what artwork and the medium you want to print it on,  and I'll upload the appropriate size.

Please note that these are US prices.




Please just ask for any custom or commission works.



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