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 Links to some cool sites! If you would like a link posted or removed, just ask.


My G Rated site
    My old G-rated, non erotic artwork and gifs.     Some funny stuff!


 Deb the Rascal's pages and animations
Some really "rascally" stuff going on!

link to another Deb the Rascal animation page


  The artworks of Popeye Wong, some pretty cool stuff.




a pal's art an animation site


Ani by Mike    Animations by Mike.



            a pretty funny humor site



DH's ART-GIFs       another  friend's site

Tarzan's wood carvings  a pal's wood carvings   
Turtle's wood carvings  a pals wood carvings
 a pal's comix and art site.

  Garv, one of the best digital artist on the web!             

Jaxtraw's Daily adult funny toons.  Really cool toons and humour.
 and then there was Swiggy's  page some funny stuffs.
Ray Barone artwork To view some of Ray's really cool, non-erotic artwork. 
ps. Ray's stuff is all copyrighted to him.,tutorials and links to artists
Sometimes works link
TeamDEFIANT  Leo's personal Vision  
The Artwork of Frank Chavez
  home to Mr. Salad Fingers
  Description: A free online photo gallery 
where erotic artists can display photos of their art. 
Create your own personalized online portfolio gallery to display photos of your artwork. 


 Our Trip May 2007 pics

 My own banner link to this page.



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