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August 18th., A few recent animations on Netshit Page 327 for the Netshit Archive pages.  We're off to the city tomorrow, me, I'm down for a few hours of TCB, but the Rascal is staying down with family stuff, staying down til next Monday or so, so please ship care packages of food, ready made dinners, meals on wheels, or stuff I can cook on a fire.  Sounds pretty boring few days, yet maybe I'll call the first conference of our pets,  Seiko the sled dog, Tomtoo the ninja cat, and Sunny the bird, all in the same room together...or maybe I'll do some work around the house, ceramic tile and stuff...

August 11th., No artwork for a while now, but still doing the occasional animation and stuff,  here's Netshit Page 326 and thanks to for the thumbnails for the Netshit Archive pages.   I'm back again playing some music, I finally blew the dust off the guitars and drums, (actually had a lady blow the cob webs out at a jam on Sunday!  bwahahaha!)  I'm hoping to pick up a digital recorder and I'll be posting some stuff here, soon.  It's all fun.  and then my new song's a laugh!

August 3rd,  Wow, time flies.  Bike back on the road.  DtR's machine on the waiting list for major surgery.  Here's Netshit Page 325 for the Netshit Archive pages.  No artwork for a while now, working on a few new songs though.

July 28th, So much for the daily blogging and additions to this site, it's summer and too much to do!  Right now it looks like a weekly update.  DtR's computer is still down, looks like it might need major surgery, damn, messed with it for hours and no luck, problems just seemed to get progressively worse, damn.  We went for a "group" motorcycle ride, my first "group" ride ever, a couple of hours down the road, we got rained on and soaked on the ride home, and to top that off, the bike broke the throttle cable while we were going up the hill to our house (could have been worse, could have been way down the road and not walking distance), the bike is out on the road, with the part on order, damn, tomorrow!  Anyways,  here's Netshit Page 324 for the Netshit Archive pages.  

July19th,  Well, last night was the full moon,  and it was one of those days!  DtR's computer is having hic-ups and on the list of "not playing well with others", we drained the well dry while watering the veggie garden, had to climb down the well and prime the pump, and our high tech perimeter security went wild, my ears are still ringing!  One of those days...  moving on, and moving forward,  and working the dilemmas out as we encounter them, and it's hot as the blazes here, in a town that has run out of Guinness!!!  Here's Netshit Page 323 for the Netshit Archive pages. 

July 11th,  Been here all week,  getting things done, but broke.  We're off to the city Saturday,  pick up some needed funds and then a party!  Riding back here late, and hoping the pets don't attack each other whilst we are gone.  Thanks to for the thumbnails for the Netshit Archive pages, and just to stay ahead,  well,  here's Netshit Page 322

July 8th, Wow,  posting 2 days in a row,  things must be settling down then,  or not,  we're still busy, busy, busy,  but had time to knock out a few animations for Netshit Page 321 for the Netshit Archive pages.  We have the studio almost all set up, no drums or bass, but PA, mics and guitars,  the rest to come in time...It's also doubling as an Art/Photo studio and we're working on that also.  We're here til Saturday, broke, yet still here, then a hit and run to the city and back, leaving this place in the hands or rather paws and claws of our pets, for the eveing.

July 7th  Here we are, having fun in the country!  Here's Netshit Page 320 for the Netshit Archive pages.  Probably down to the city some time this week, but for sure next Saturday, a party to attend.

July 1st  Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends, and all the best for July 4th celebrations to our American friends south of the boarder.  We've just been so busy with moving and settling in,  not so many boxes left, and I hear the rule of thumb is that boxes that remain after a month will always be in a box.  We've also got a lot going on in real life,  lots to play with, get fixed, arranged, and sorted, it's busy times in the new place.  Here's Netshit Page 319 for the Netshit Archive.  Tomtoo the cat is back,  everybody sing, The Cat Came Back, and he is living in the bush behind the garage, his food is high in the garage rafters, and Seiko the Sled Dog is on cat patrol 24/7 now.  I'm off now to play some guitar,  soon hoping to add some sound bytes to this page (and no,  not sounds of DtR and I grunting and groaning, well maybe...)  Life's busy!


June 24th,  The month of June seems to be clipping right along, not much time to animate or draw artwork,  just getting settled into our new house, getting used to the place, making it feel like home.   The car's in the auto body shop (we backed into a tree, it refused to move!), and just the bike on the road makes it hard to rescue Tomtoo from our previous location.   The hit counter on the page is still moving right along, indicating that quite a few folks are checking in for updates and stuff,  here's Netshit Page 318 for the Netshit Archive.  Will post more soon!

June 15th,  We're still alive and well, still alive and well, well up to our necks in boxes and boxes,  "Debby break the boxes" is the cry!  We've moved house!  We no longer need to boil pots on the fire for a bath, and have a flushing toilet!  A small,  quaint little cottage, with a huge four car garage and a groovy studio out back.  I spent all day wiring for high tech security and mod-cons.  It's really amazing how much stuff one collects, and you don't realize it until you have to move it.  We're still not finished moving, but we have the bulk of it done.  Oh! Oh!  we still have to coax Tomtoo out of the bush in our previous residence, we left enough food for a couple of days,  I'm going tomorrow, he'll be hungry, maybe... 

Nothing new for this site, 


I wish I had the time, 

I'll be back at it soon! 


May 29th, We're heading down to the city tomorrow, leaving the dog and cat here for the day,  bet they have fun!  Both will be outside, Seiko tied up and the cat doing his ninja thing.  I'm riding back alone, leaving DtR in the city TCB.  We're all packed up and ready to move house.  It will be a hectic couple of weeks until we're settled into our new abode.  Thanks to for the thumbnails on the Netshit Archive, and yes,  oh yes,  one step ahead of the Rascal, bwahahahaha!  Here's Netshit Page 317

May 26th, Moving date may have jumped up to early June!  busy, busy times, We're off to the city on Thursday for a meeting then I'm riding back here for more packing and stuff that night.  Here's Netshit Page 316 for the Netshit Archive.  Hopefully maybe draw some more artwork once we get settled into new house.

May 22nd, We're down in the city til late Friday, TCB and maybe a pint (or two) of that fine, delicious, dark, refreshing beverage they call Guinness, we should be back late Friday / early Saturday morning.  Here's Netshit Page 315 for the Netshit Archive

May 21st.  Time flies when you're having fun!  Looks like we may be moving in the middle of June, 10 mins up the road !!!  Heading to the city Thursday and back late Saturday or Sunday morning.  Here's Netshit Page 314 for the Netshit Archive.

May 17th, It's a long weekend in Canada, happy Victoria Day, who birthday actually falls on May 24, now who idea was it to move her birthday celebrations a week early?  Well, we're here until Tuesday or so, and here's Netshit Page 313 for the Netshit Archive pages.

May 13th, Biking down to the city early AM, and I mean real early, then back here later that night with DtR and Seiko the sled dog, won't Tomtoo be surprised, he's in his element now, run of the house, run of the yard, but not for long...  Here's Netshit Page 312 for the Netshit Archive pages.

May 9th, To the city and back in a day, well back early tomorrow morning,  DtR's down in the city for family stuff and I'm here all alone, well,  except for the cat, who, by the way is loving the absence of his arch rival, Seiko the sled dog. Here's Netshit Page 311  and thanks to for the thumbnails on the Netshit Archive pages.

May 7th,  and here's Netshit Page 310 for the Netshit Archive.

Cinco de Mayo or May 5th, as it is.  Here briefly, then gone for a day trip,  here's Netshit Page 309 for the Netshit Archive.  Back late tomorrow.

April 30th, Wow, the end of April, or rather, the beginning of May!  We're off to the city, TCB and maybe a pint or two, and yes the BIKE!  Thanks to for the thumbnails on the Netshit Archive, and just to stay ahead, well a couple ahead, bwahahahaha!  here's Netshit Page 307 and Netshit Page 308.  We'll be back real late Saturday or early Sunday.





April 27th, We're here til Wednesday, then busy week and the bike will be on the road again !!! Probably a few more pages before we go, but for now, here's Netshit Page 306 for the Netshit Archive.

April 23rd,  We're off to the big city,  TCB and stuff (perhaps a pint of Guinness?), and back by the weekend.  Here's Netshit Page 305 for the Netshit Archive.

April 21st.  Waiting to get some cash to plate and insure the bike,  weather's finally here!  We're back til mid-week and here's Netshit Page 304 for the Netshit Archive.

April 17th, Spring is finally here.  We're off to the city late tonight (enough time to make last call) and back late Saturday night or Sunday morning (in time to watch the soccer). Here's Netshit Page 303 and thanks to for the thumbnails on the Netshit Archive.  Busy day today, busy night tonight, and we're off for a drive...and the end of the day, Guinness awaits.

April 14th, The nicer weather is slowly inching towards us!  Here's Netshit Page 302 for the Netshit Archive.

April 9th, Wednesday April 9th and we're off to the city and back Saturday night.  Here's Netshit Page 301 for the Netshit Archive.

April 7th, We're here til midweek,  has more thumbnails for the Netshit Archive and just to stay ahead, here's Netshit Page 300, yes 300 pages,  lots of pirated animated pics and toon set to groovy bluesy midi tunes.

April 1st April Fools day!  Naw, no messing round today here, it's always April Fools round here!  We're off to the city in the morning, TCB and have a look at the bike, and back here Saturday or so.  Here's Netshit Page 299 for the Netshit Archive, pirated and animated toons and pics, seen here first!

March 30th, Almost the end of March, and over the flu.  We're here til midweek, then down to the city for a few days.  Here's Netshit Page 298 for the Netshit Archive.

March 27th, Just at the tail end of the flu, and hoping to get some energy back and back to normal soon.  Here's Netshit Page 297 for the Netshit Archive.

March 24th, Last week of March, almost spring and bike season!  Did I mention how I hate having the flu?  Checked the records, the archives, and it was almost this time last year, and the year before, the last time I had the flu bug,   hmmmm, perhaps it's coincidence, but I still hate it.   Thanks again to for the thumbnails for the Netshit Archive and here's Netshit Page 296, some funky and groovy animations set to a cool midi tune.    I also messed with an artwork I drew from 2004, Mortality, ghosted a couple of eyeballs in for a spooky animation, Ghosted Mortality.  All the recent blogs off this page is now archived  in Archive 2008.   We have to take the car in to get the brakes done, and then we're heading down to the city later in the week to take care of some business.

March 22nd,  I hate having the flu.  Netshit Page 295 for the Netshit Archive, animated pirated smut with a groovy tune.

March 20th, We never made it to the city, got the flu bug up here, not been doing much of anything.  Here's Netshit Page 294 for the Netshit Archive.

March 16th, We're going down to the city Monday for the St. Paddy's day festivities, well at least a couple of pints of Guinness (St Paddy's is like amateur night for folk drinking Guinness, everyone wants to try it, and the regulars have to line up).  We're leaving Monday morning and back Tues/Wed, or so.  Here's Netshit Page 293 for the Netshit Archive.

March 14th, We've had my son here for a few days and he's my chauffer down to the city later today.  Thanks to for the thumbnails for the Netshit Archive and here's Netshit Page 292.  Right now I'm refereeing the dog,  Seiko,  and the cat, Tomtoo,  I think Seiko just wants to play, you know, throw him in the air, jostle him a little, bury him in the snow, a little chewy, chewy, but the cat's having no part of that.  Never a dull moment.  We tried the dog with helping us move a cord of wood today, well, he needs to work on pulling, but he did do 5 or 6 sled full.  Never a dull moment.  I'm off down to the city tomorrow, just a day tripper, driving back late night. 

Sympatico, my server, was down earlier in the week, it dumped my site, but it's back on now.  If it does go back out, just a reminder that updates will be available by bookmarking the motorcycle link  This will be updated if my ISP gives problems.

March 10th, Home here by ourselves, and here, off and on all week.  Been snowing like crazy for the past few days,  we're socked in with over 2 and a half feet of that cold white powder, something only a sled dog could rightly appreciate to the fullest.  Here's Netshit Page 291 for the Netshit Archive.

March 2nd,  Leaving early, so I'm posting this late,  we're down in the city all week and driving back on Friday, with kids in tow, or more factually, my son gets his drivers licence and he's the mission pilot.  March break is coming up and with kids here, most of my animations will be G rated (maybe the occasional Adult ani., when the kids are sleep).  Here's Netshit Page 290 for the Netshit Archive


February 28th, hey, it's a leap year!  an extra day in February and it's minus 20 degrees, how lucky can we be!  I'm off to the city for an in and out, TCB, but before I go here's some pirated, or rather borrowed pics and toons that I've animated on Netshit Page 289, along with a groovy blues midi tune, and archived on the Netshit Archive.

February 25th, Time moves on, and the cold month of February is almost to a close,  let's see if March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb - or?  Many thanks to for the thumbnails for the Netshit Archive, and just to stay ahead, here's Netshit Page 288.  We're here for a spell, and it's starting to snow, again. 

February 22nd, We're off to the city, for sure now, but just an overnight thing, just time to T.C.B. and have a few pints of Guinness.  Here's Netshit Page 287 for the Netshit Archive before we go! 

February 19th, Ok then, we've been home for a few days, keeping the cat and dog apart, pics posted on Fotos Page. I did have time to do another Netshit Page 286 for the Netshit Archive, then had time to do a couple of artworks, this one (ewwww, I hate the way GeoCities scrunches bigger artworks) for the Still Artwork Pages and I also included this one on the animated artwork pages.  We've off to the city on Wednesday to take care of some business and have a pint or two of Guinness, and back here on Saturday.  Maybe I'll have time to animate some more for another Netshit page before we leave.

February 16th, Well,  we didn't make it down to the city, I'm kinda pissed off at the lack of financial funds I have, We're flat broke here.  I do have an artwork on the go and should be done soon,  it's been a while.  I did mess with a pal's abstract artwork and put a girl into an animation of the pic Arcey's Go Figure. Here's another for the Netshit Archive,  fun, pirated pictures, made into animations on Netshit Page 285.  Back to my artwork....

February 12th,  Netshit Page 284 , and a big thanks to for the thumbnail on the  Netshit Archive and a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  We're off to the city, again, dog in tow (or with the recent snowy weather, maybe he'll be towing us, he is a sled dog!) Leaving Wednesday night and we're back by the weekend.

February 10th, Back home now til Tuesday, or Wednesday, I've got to start digging out the snow to get the car into driveway.  New dog, a blue eyed Siberian Husky named Seiko doesn't get along well with our cat, Tomtoo. They are at each other like cat and dog.  Why can't we all just get along.  Wait til we through Sunny the parrot into the mix!   We're here for a short spell, maybe some time to play, for now here's Netshit Page 283 for the Netshit Archive.

February 6th,  OK, back off to the city, fun and games, and home on the weekend.  Here's Netshit Page 282 for the Netshit Archive.

February 5th,  We're here and gone again til the weekend, but might have time for a few for the Netshit Archive before we go, here's Netshit Page 281.

January 31st. Wow,  the end of January, biking season soon!  We're off to the city for a few days, hopefully back Saturday or Sunday.  Here's Netshit Page 280 for the Netshit Archive.  I have to remember to pick up ends for my Wacom pen,  then I can do some artwork, the art is being held up by nibs worth about 30 cents each! (hint, hint, my birthday is coming soon.).

January 29th, Home at last, at least until Thursday or so, then back to the city for a few days.  Many thanks to for the thumbnails for the Netshit Archive and just to stay ahead, here's Netshit Page 279.

January 21st. We're still in the city, parrot on my shoulders as I type, not much time to mess about, and it's hard to do on the laptop, but here's Netshit Page 278 for the Netshit Archive.  Busy week this week,  maybe make it home by the weekend!  (or so...)...and Sunny the Parrot says "Why?  What for?"

January 9th  We're still down in the city, but here's some animations on Netshit Page 277 for the Netshit Archive, as done on my laptop.  No pen and tablet, to mouse, just the finger mouse pointer and the laptop screen.

January 5th,  We're down in the city and on the laptop.  We're working on loading the laptop with the necessary programs to mess and draw with. 



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This is a reference to guitar playing that can be used by beginners to intermediate guitar players.

Why have I decided to add this page?  Well, over the years I have been asked "How do I?"  or "Can you help me get started playing?" or "Can you write some chords down?"  and I have written this out hundreds of times on little slips of pager, now it's on the net!


Schtuffs for sale and print ordering. Link   schtuffs for sale, print and poster orderingand not the usual schuffs for sale anywhere on the net,  weird and wonderful items of value.    Bwahahahaha, oh yeah,  Artwork,  signed, prints and posters, Beer Sucking Pig T shirts,  soiled long-johns,  some kinky hard goods, and custom orders considered.   Treasures and precious gifts ! 



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