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Dec 30th,    Almost a new year!  and this one for the Still Art Pages.

Dec 29th,    Netshit Page 53 for the Netshit Archive Pages,  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I would like to extend my hopes safe and happy New Year for all.

Dec 22nd,    Many thanks again to DtR for the thumbnails 49, 50, 51 for the Netshit Archive Pages

Dec 21st,    Almost Christmas, here's Netshit Page 52 for the Netshit Pages, and for the animated archives pages, this one

Dec 19th,    Netshit Page 51, animated smut for the Netshit Archive Pages

Dec 18th,    for the Still artwork Pages.

Dec 15th,    Hand drawn porn for the hollardays on the animated artwork pages


Dec 14th,    Here's one for the Still Art Pages 

Dec 9th,     Guess it's not too late to send out Christmas cards,  well here's one from BSP Productions, wishing all a Merry Christmas             on the Still Artwork Page.

Dec 6,       both these for the       Still Artwork Pages. and for the Netshit Pages it's   Netshit Page 50        Netshit Page 49        and for the Animated Artwork Pages the cat scratch.

Dec 1, 2006  I did this for the Animated Artwork Pages and for the Still Artwork Pages.

Nov 29th,     "Who Framed ...'s"  Jessica for the Still Artwork Page, not sure how this one will work on the page, as it it large size, but here it is large

Nov 27th.,     Thanks to DtR for the thumbnails for the Netshit Pages and had to move some Still Artwork to Geocities archive pages to make room.

Nov 23rd,     The dragon and tiger in this one I drew for a logo, but decided they would look good protecting this lady and on the Still Artwork pages.

Nov 19th,     Netshit Page 47  and it's on the Netshit Archive Pages along with a special Smokey the Bear message on Netshit Page 48

Nov 18th,    Bwahahahaha!  A pirated background for this one for the Still Artwork Pages,  Bwahahahaha!  I do have this one on a Bryce Rock on a plain white background, but couldn't resist this background posted by Fourdogs in ABIF.

Nov 17th,     messed with this on on Still Art pages

Nov 15th,     And it was a good weekend!  Alright, back to it, there just isn't enough smut on the internet,  well this one is for the Still Art Pages.

Nov 10th,     for the Still artwork pages and     and these two animated for the Animated Art Pages.

Nov. 7th,      On the Still Artwork Pages, it wants to be animated but took a while to draw, soon.

Nov. 3rd,      Netshit Page 46 and posted on my Netshit archives Pages.

Nov. 2nd       Drew this one for the Still Artwork Pages

Nov. 1st       These two are on the Still Artwork Pages   A Wood nymph on a Bryce 5 background, and some fog.

Oct 27th     Added a bat to this Mandy and the snake then I figured that the bat should fly and post to the Animated Art Page.

Oct 26th     Can't decide on a title for this one on the Still Art pages, either "Mandy's new pet"    or should I title it "Lunch"?

Oct 25th      Server has been having problems, and this web page has been bouncing off and on all day, I drew this one and it's on the Still Artwork Pages I hope the server fixes their problems, I always think they may be shutting the site down due to the adult content or some of my off colour twisted humour.

Oct 23rd     Thanks again to DtR for Netshit thumbnail 44, and posted a new Netshit 45 with adult oriented animated pics I've found on the net.

Oct 19th,    Well did this one on the 18th and this one as a Still Artwork and Animated Artwork .  This web space is limited and fills up so fast, and therefore I am going to try putting the new images and animations directly onto GeoCities pages ( I have 5 new ones opened - with rotation, they won't crash as often for excessive bandwidth) and post the thumbnails on this web site.  I do have larger versions of all the artwork and animations, and have them all saved in various stages of development, if anyone wants a larger version, or modifications, just give me a holler at my e-mail.

Oct 17th,   Candy Apples are a tradition around Halloween and linked to the Animated Artwork, and Still Artwork Pages.

Oct 14th,   A gypsy Still artwork for the still artwork pages, (and still have the flu!)

Oct 13th,   on the Animated Artwork and Still Artwork Pages.

Oct 11th.   Still have the flu,  but managed to animate this one and post to a GeoCities page.

Oct. 8th    This one is posted straight to GeoCities link and added thumbnails to the Animated Artwork Page, and the Still Artwork Page.  With 5 new GeoCities sites hopefully I can distribute so they won't be down often.  (and I still hate the flu!),  Ok and a new Netshit Page 44 for the Netshit archive Page.

Oct 7th      for the Still Artwork pages. (I hate the flu!)

Oct 5th    Carita animated this one and she did such a great job!

Oct 4th.    Still Artwork Pages has this one and Animated Pages hold this one.

Oct 1st.      on the Still Artwork Page and you can find it an Animated version on the Animated Artwork Pages   

Sept 30th     A logo I did "The Key to success"  (rough artwork idea tester) on my Still Artwork Page, and an animation for the Animated Artwork Page

Sept 29th.     Many thanks to DtR for a new Netshit Page thumbnail and here's an artwork for the Still Artwork Page (she was suppose to be climbing up for a pint of Guinness!)

Sept. 28th     Netshit Page 43 for the Netshit Archive Pages and this Anime cross    for the Animated Artwork Pages.

Sept. 27th    On the Still Artwork page and messed with this one for the Animated Artwork pages, poking fun at the dangers of thin ice.  Here's one on the Still Artwork Pages Done with Anime facial features (pirated Anime Eye drawing tutorial here).

Sept 26th,    On the Still artwork Page, as summer turns to fall,

Sept 25th,    For the Animated Artwork Pages some smut!

Sept. 20th.    A dragonfly fairy On the Still Artwork page.

Sept. 19th    Still Artwork page has this one, and a thanks to DtR for the Netshit Pages thumbnails for Netshit 39, 40, 41, 42.

Sept. 18th   Another request for something more hardcoreXXX on my Still Artwork Page  and animated for the Animated Artwork Pages, and a quick compilation of another Netshit Page Netshit Page 42

Sept15th    Did this one upon request, with a twist of course on the Still Artwork pages and animated it because it needed brought to life. on the Animated Artwork pages.

Sept 12th,   This one   and this one  on the Still artwork Pages and the view from under the water  on the Animated Artwork Pages, and a new page for the Netshit Pages - Netshit Page 41

Sept 8th,   Did up a Netshit Page, but the real world is getting busy, Netshit 40, and DtR's Art and Animation pages  has some new pages up

Sept 7th,  Thought I'd share this animation, and posted to my Animated Art Page.

Sept 5th    On the Still artwork Page and thanks to DtR for the Still Artwork Archive thumbnails 43, 44, 45 and 46. and Netshit Page 39.

Sept 3rd,    pasted on Bryce background and on the Still Artwork Page and thanks to DtR for the Netshit Page thumbnails 36, 37 and 38.

Sept 2nd,    New Still Artwork page has this one

Sept 1st,    some basic guitar chords and blues scales I wrote out, 

Aug 29th.    A quick one for the Still Artwork Page, and on the Animated Artwork page I did this one she was asking to be animated.

Aug 28th.   This one I want to animate as a gif, but due to the time she took to draw, that can wait and she on my Still Artwork Page.

Aug 27th.    A new one for the Netshit Pages,  this one Netshit Page 38, and I found an old tutorial I did of "how to animate a boob bounce" and put it up on a GeoCities Page (note:  this is the 9th Geo Cities site, shhh....I think your only allowed one........shhh) and linked from the Tutorial Page., and I found this really neat Eye.swf file and thought I'd test linking it here from the GeoCities Site, (not mine, pirated off the net).

Aug 25th.    Summer is almost over and the kids are almost ready to go back to school,  this one's  on the Still Artwork page... (I seem to be drawing more clothes and not as much naked smut....I'll get back to drawing more naked soon!)...and also posted a new Netshit Page!  See ALL the Netshit pages thumbnail archives for more animated pics I pirated off the net, but be warned, very adult and with midi sound.

Aug 24th.    On the Still Art Page is this addition

Aug 22th.    Still Art Page has this lady and thanks to those who filled out the Interactive Feedback page, I'm still sifting through the responses and will change it this week.

Aug 20th.     Animated a still artwork for the Animated Artwork Page, and a doodle of OfficeBoy 's daily routine, his weekends are looking better.

Aug 19th.   A wench   for my Still Artwork Page.

Aug 18th    Still Artwork Page   has my MM in bowling attire, and the Animated Artwork Page has a my newest Animated Artwork (X rated! enough to have no thumbnail link on Index page, but funny!), and  Netshit Page 36 added.

Aug 16th.   Animated Artwork         and I do wish someone would fill in the interactive feedback page, it only will take a second, and I want to see if it works!

Aug 15th.   Still artwork on a Bryce background, and many thanks to DtR for the thumbnails for Netshit Page 35 posted on the Netshit Page, and then I was messing around and came up with this Vamp variation Same girl, at night!

Aug 14th   On the Tutorial Page, Two New Tutorials: Dajimo's Tutorial and  "My Beginning to Animate in Animation Shop 3", simple tutorials, with marked up screen shots, to help those beginning to animate, but be warned!  Animation is highly addictive! I also  posted another Netshit Page 35. with 5 animated pics that I found on the net.

Aug 13th  A Still Artwork of a girl on a pool diving board

Aug 12th   This Bryce render has been added to "sailboat" on Still Art Archive 37, looks cool stretched as my desktop wallpaper.  Many, many thanks to DtR for the thumbnail pages for Still Artwork Archive pages 37, 38, 39 40, 41, 42 and the Animated Artwork page 38.

Aug 11th,   Put a large quantity of Artwork and stuff onto GeoCities Archives, the page space is only so big and I'm making room for new stuff.  Many thanks, again, to DtR for the thumbnails Netshit 34 and Animated Archive 37 (wait til she see the line up of thumbnails to be made!) Here's new artwork and a silly Blond joke, no offence intended, How do you know a blond has been in your fridge? Footprints in the butter!

Aug 10th,   Two sailing ships on Bryce, but I had to put these on a GeoCities link.

Aug 9th  New Still artwork . New, a lost idea, returned by Phil from ABIF and offered for sale on my For Sale Page.     Interactive Link to feedback page, many thanks to Dave (UK) from ABIF, it seems to work great, sends replies direct to my e-mail.

Aug 8th,  I tried, and tried to put up a "feedback" page, but my server does not like FrontPage extensions, if anybody knows how, please give me a shout! Oh yeah, a new Animated Artwork, I had to get away from the feedback page  

Aug 7th, Another new Netshit page 34, and thanks again to DtR for the new thumbnails for Netshit 33,  and Animated Artwork Page 36.

Aug 6th  New Netshit page, and it's on another GeoCities web page,  the is the 8th Geocities free web space, they can't ALL be down, can they???  and I also fixed Jaxtraw's Erotic artist's link.  If anyone finds broken links, give me a holler.

Aug 5th  Still artwork and fixed Google search, and many thanks to my pal Henk for helping fix my header font.

Aug 4th,  Web site changes, split the page for quicker loading

Aug 4th,  Thanks to DtR for more Netshit thumbnails 31 and 32.

Aug 3rd,  New Netshit page, and Animated artwork.