Iím Mark.



I also go by the initials BSP, which is the monogram of my musical pursuits,

The Beer Sucking Pigs,

And we will put a gig together soon!

I started animation pics  in  December of 2002, mostly cut and paste funnies, or altered pictures.

I then discvovered  newgroups and alt.binaries.images.fun where a guy named Swiggy directed me to a group that specialized in moving picture animations.

Alt.binaries.pictures.erotic.animated.gifs a newsgroup where a real friendly bunch of guys, like Daj and Maddog, and others gave me pointers and taught me how.  Too many to name them all, but they gave a lot of encouragement and advise, and it is the very best place on the internet for animated gifs.

While having a pint of Guinness in Oígradyís pub, Pepino, an artist, advised me to get a Wacom Pen and Tablet.  I thought it may be good for the animations work, and my kids could use it.  I bought the Pen and Tablet in May of 2004.

The cartoons and artworks are evolving, and Iím also playing with the website, adding new stuff all the time.   It can only get better. 

For this,  I have to thank many people who helped me get started and improve this artwork,  Doc from the ABIF newsgroup is first and foremost in getting me going, and giving me some insight into drawing large, but also thanks to Keith Garvey, Boris and Julie, Jaxstraw, Ben and many others,  thanks!

Who knows, but itís all good fun and a laugh!    





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