So fuelishly yesterday

Print Edition 02/03/07 Page A20


Richmond Hill, Ont. -- All a U.S.-style, energy-administration system to track production and inventories of gasoline and other energy fuels in Canada (A Burning Need To Know About Our Fuel -- March 1) would do is give us a clearer view of the inevitable decline of a doomed industry: conventional fossil energy.

As demand rises, the geographically vast fossil-fuel production chain, incapable as it is of withstanding damage to any of its links, will continue to reveal its vulnerability.

Ontario's recent gasoline-supply interruptions may be just a taste of more profound disruptions to come. We'd be far better off creating a Renewable Energy Information Administration, to track, for example, the capacity of operating and planned wind turbines and solar panels, so we could gauge how soon we can be freed from our dependence on finite, polluting and increasingly costly fossil energy.