Better driver


By Bruce Rhodes


I echo Richard Russell’s message (It’s better to hit animal than to veer into traffic, Oct. 14) that to swerve out of the way of an animal on the road is seldom worth the risk that it poses to persons in a vehicle.


However, I wish to make two points about details in the article. First, Mr. Russell states “[animals] can kill us by merely wandering on to the road.”


At the risk of being pedantic, I would prefer to say that drivers risk killing themselves by driving in a manner that prevents them from avoiding contact with an animal on the road. We humans do the killing, not the unwitting animals.


Second, in his advice to motorists at the end of the article, Mr. Russell ought to have explicitly said “drive more slowly.”


Just because the posted limit allows speeds of 80 or 90 km/h in rural areas does not mean that travelling at 70 km/h is a bad idea.


Arriving later at one’s destination sure beats the practical and emotional fallout from damaging both one’s vehicle and an animal in a collision that might have been avoided.