Speed limits


Richard Russell complains that some motorists drive at, or below, the speed
limit, thereby ignoring traffic behind them (A little common courtesy would
be nice, Aug. 24).

If Russell is inferring that there is something wrong with driving at the
speed limit, does he endorse speeding? I hope that Russell, as a driving
school operator, urges others to obey traffic laws.

As for driving below the speed limit, this is a thorny issue in Ontario.

Whereas on many U.S. highways both a maximum and minimum speed are posted,
Ontario posts a maximum speed only. This presents a problem for motorists
who drive at speeds that maximize fuel economy; when I go 90 km/h in the
right lane on 400-series highways, motorists behind me choose to tailgate,
which is rude, dangerous and illegal. (Even driving at the 100 km/h : limit,
I get the tailgaters.) Nevertheless, OPP officers told me they'll ticket
drivers going below the limit if they feel traffic is being obstructed.

Ontario needs to post both maximum and minimum speed limits, and enforce
them, so all drivers know their speed options.