A new look


By Bruce Rhodes


April 15, 2004


The Globe and Mail has done commendable work to cover serious global and local environmental issues.


In view of this, by your paper beefing up its Megawheels section (More horsepower, higher octane, April 1), it is effectively shooting itself in the foot. Let’s recognize that even the most fuel-efficient vehicles pump toxic emissions into the atmosphere.


Giles Gherson writes that the Megawheels mission is to help bring greater enjoyment to the driving experience.


Given the growing awareness of the damage done and resources consumed by motor vehicles, the notion of “driving enjoyment” is increasingly regarded as a holdover from an era in which car makers and drivers were blissfully oblivious to the environmental impact of their products and actions.


Why would any of us knowingly perpetuate this era?


I urge the Globe to transform Megawheels into a Personal Mobility section, which would provide readers with information about bicycles and path systems, as well as with ways to get the most out of public transit.