By Bruce Rhodes


May 13, 2004


I read with interest Jeremy Cato's article on the smart from Mercedes (A car for smart city set, May 6). I am pleased to see this innovative vehicle get coverage,
although the article could have done more to highlight smart's amazing fuel economy. The appeal of Smart is not only emotional, as stressed by Mr. Cato, but is its environmental practicality as well.

smart's relatively slow acceleration is not an issue for a growing number of drivers who aim to use their vehicles in a fuel efficient way; for such people, the rate at which a car goes from 0 to 100 km/hr is an irrelevant statistic.


If enough Smart cars hit the road, they could collectively foster new driving habits: if we stop racing onto freeways, which is where fast acceleration is used the most, we could reduce damage to air quality.

I urge Megawheels to continue to write about environmentally friendly vehicles, as this is most assuredly where the auto industry is heading.