Walk-ups would be eco-friendly


By Bruce Rhodes


January 28, 2002


Re Drive-through has arch-enemies, Jan. 27


Hats off to the people protesting the building of a fast-food drive-through at St. Clair Ave. W. and Christie St.


Young Billy Silverstein go it right when he said that, “it’ll be too much pollution.”


The drive-though phenomenon exists mostly for the convenience of customers tied to their vehicles.


The huge environmental price paid for this convenience is the vast volume of carbon monoxide spewed from idling engines.


Jurisdictions should be urged to ban the building of any new drive-throughs. Existing drive-throughs should be forced to charge customers a pollution tax of, say, 20 per cent of the value of items purchased.


(For fast-food restaurants concerned with security at night, “walk-up” windows would be an eco-friendly alternative.)


Let’s remember that it’s an offence in many areas to idle a vehicle engine for more than three minutes. Perhaps traffic cops should be stationed at drive-throughs; just think of the fines they could collect.