Sports priorities


By Bruce Rhodes


December 20, 2004


Readers learned from Saturdayís Globe Sports Scoreboard page that guard Benji Olson of the NFLís Tennessee Titans has an injured toe, and that a fellow named Johnson played one minute for the NBAís Denver Nuggets in their Friday night loss to Miami, but Heaven help anyone interested in seeing the standings for the Ontario Hockey League, 18 of whose teams played games that night.


I am dismayed by the emphasis on American major league sports on the Scoreboard page. Specifically, the space devoted to the NFL on Saturday was at least 30 times that of the one square inch given to the OHL (Canada not even having an NFL team), and the NBA was allocated more than 70 times the OHLís space. (I used a ruler and calculator to verify this.) As someone who attended the nearly sold-out and well-played Plymouth-Toronto OHL game Friday night, I would hope that the Scoreboard could beef up its local content, especially when the quality of play in local leagues merits the attention.