Muscle cars


By Bruce Rhodes


October 13, 2005


In his article “Which muscle car is best performer?” (Oct. 6), Michael Vaughan asks the rhetorical question: “What’s not to like about cars that can accelerate fast enough to stretch your face tight, like you’ve come out of a centrifuge.”


May I offer a response: the excessive noise and additional air pollution generated by rapidly accelerating cars are not to like.


The “boys and their toys” mindset, promoted by car makers and the automotive media, continues to inhibit the automotive industry’s move forward into the 21st century, wherein fuel efficiency and minimizing one’s ecological footprint will be increasingly important.


Sure, today the public is free to buy 340-hp Hemi V-8’s. Let’s just please ask ourselves down what path these vehicles are leading us.




The above letter is cited in a letter published on October 20, 2005 in Globe Megawheels by Geoff Rytell: “… as letter writer Bruce Rhodes sadly notes, we have a perfect right to have that 340-hp Hemi V-8 or the Escalade or the Hummer and to drive it, as Mark Spraggett scathingly remarks of ATVs, through the nearest beaver pond.”