Diesel power


By Bruce Rhodes


February 17, 2005


Your article on diesel vehicles (Hybrids needed but diesel is better, February 10), while it stated many of the economic and environmental benefits of current diesel vehicles, did not touch on the bright prospects for using biodiesel fuels.


For example, B20 biodiesel, available in Toronto, Markham and elsewhere, contains 20 per cent vegetable oil, a renewable resource that pollutes less than conventional diesel, and serves as a revenue source for farmers.

I recently bought a new diesel VW. The dealership said that neither they nor VW head office officially endorse the use of biodiesel; perhaps that is
why your interview with VW's Wilfried Bockelmann did not include the topic.

However, numerous VW diesel owners with whom I have spoken sing the praises of biodiesel. I now do so as well.