Boosting composting at home more effective


By Bruce Rhodes


February 26, 2004


Re: Green Bin New Weapon in War on Garbage, Feb.19.


By all means, let's pass on dirty diapers, meat scraps and other items that cannot be composted at home, to third party processors through the green bin program.

However, most of us who have access to a yard or garden where we live can choose to fill our own compost bins with the inedible portions of fruits and vegetables, as well as with tea bags, coffee grounds and egg shells.


York Region, instead of gearing up to have diesel-burning trucks ship all compostable materials to a plant for processing at a cost of around $135 per tonne, could save taxpayers money and serve the environment by helping residents to draw the important distinction between those items that can easily composted at home, and those that cannot.


A program to give, or subsidize, compost bins to Region residents, along with a brochure on how compost can inject health into our gardens, would leave us better off, ecologically and financially.