White winter could lead to Green Canada




January, 2006


Re: Ted McFadden’s ‘Weather won't keep voters home, politicians will’,
December 2005.


I agree with Mr. McFadden that when the election dust settles, Mr. Martin will return as prime minister, Jack Layton will hold him hostage and
Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe will go on clamouring for change, if not for power, in the background.

I note that Green Party national leader Jim Harris was excluded from Mr. McFadden's gang of usual suspects, and would submit Mr. Harris is a refreshing change from the other party leaders.

It is for these reasons those of us who support the Green Party are optimistic about Jan. 23: if I and my fellow Greens are the 'tree-huggers' some make us out to be, then we will be the ones found walking and cross-country skiing through any blizzard to get to the polls, while many SUV-huggers will get only so far as the Tim Hortons drive-through.


In other words, the combination of the wearisome choices among the three traditional parties, in concert with possible bad weather on voting day, could result in the Green Party garnering a noticeably bigger share of the popular vote.

Here's hoping that disaffection for old-style politicians and whiteouts will make Canada a Greener place.