Use of public transit needs review


By Bruce Rhodes


June 9, 1998


Re: May 31 article, Growth to increase taxes 3% annually for 15 years.


More buses? Really?


I was dismayed to learn the Town plans to buy 63 buses for Richmond Hill Transit over the next 20 years.


I have been a resident and taxpayers since 1988 and have all too often observed Richmond Hill buses driving by with not one passenger on board.


I am a big proponent of public transit and am happy to have my taxes subsidize, if need be, those bus runs that take students to and from school, but I cannot abide all of the empty Richmond Hill Transit buses I see almost daily.


The bus routes, frequency of the runs and size of the buses used warrant review.


I recently observed a full-sized bus driving around Lake Wilcox at 6 p.m. on a Saturday with no passengers; how can this be seen as anything but an extravagance?