Keep standing up for environment


By Bruce Rhodes


January 16, 2003


Re: York Region should charge all residents $1 a bag for trash, Jan. 9.


Bravo for your editorial about getting serious about waste management in York Region. I totally support the ideas in this editorial, and strongly urge The Liberal to continue its strong coverage of important environmental issues.


Swapping excessive vehicle (of which too many of us are guilty) for mass transit and waste reduction at the household level are matters that will affect virtually all residents of the region.


I hope The Liberal will have the courage necessary to be a true media participant that provides objective coverage of related events and not allow itself to be merely a voice constrained by advertisers and their profit-seeking, sometimes environmentally oblivious agendas.


I know you know the responsible way to proceed with respect to these issues; please keep to your principles.


I would happily pay $2 or even $3 per bag.