Homeowners should compost in back yards


By Bruce Rhodes


February 20, 2003


Re: Councillors to vote on compost plant


To build a composting plant and then truck tons of compost to it from people’s homes is only slightly preferable to people adding compostable materials to their regular garbage.


A far better solution, which many of us have practised happily for years, is to compost everything from eggshells to banana peels in back yard compost bins. Bins, available at hardware stores, take up about seven square feet, almost never give off odours, and the compost generated is a wonderful addition to gardens and lawns. In fact, I wouldn’t dream of giving away my compost to a composting plant.


Anyone with yard space can compost. I urge York Region to educate homeowners on proper composting technique, and give away or subsidize compost bins for home use.