Reducing bag limit good first step


By Bruce Rhodes


June 12, 2003


Re: Committee Oks three-bag limit, June 5.


I agree with Councillor Brenda Hogg that Richmond Hill’s trash policy is far out-of-date.


Our family disposes of just two bags per month thanks to our efforts in recycling, composting and and consciously avoiding packaging-intensive products.


Any family can do these things. In fact, we treat waste-minimization as a fun challenge. We take our own bags to refill at the bulk food store, as it represents “zero waste” shopping.


I once lived in Germany and marveled at how the garbage truck operator would weigh our garbage can using a large scale and electronically generate an invoice for our address based on the weight of the trash. By the way, this occurred 26 years ago.


I regard the three-bag limit as a useful first step in transforming our waste-generating behaviour.


I hope that, longer term, we will pay $2 to $3 for every bag, to directly match the cost of waste removal with the source of the waste and the average citizen, having learned to throw away a lot less, will feel that the per-bag fee is fair and appropriate.