Open letter to Ontario Municipal Board, with copies to Town of Richmond Hill:


I am one of the several hundred citizens of Richmond Hill who participated in the formulation of the Town’s new Official Plan. Between citizens like me and Town staff, the people of Richmond Hill have invested thousands of hours to document the kind of Town we want in the future, and the kind of Town we believe we will need for a vibrant and sustainable future.


I understand that the Ontario Municipal Board has handed down a decision to allow a 28 storey building at the southeast corner of 16th Avenue and Yonge Street. If true, this decision is unwarranted and unfair to the people of Richmond Hill. The necessary supporting infrastructure is not there, and there is real concern about traffic since there is no firm plan for a subway.


All parties involved in future development in Richmond Hill, including, but not limited to, land developers and the Ontario Municipal Board, have a responsibility to demonstrate the utmost regard for the Official Plan, and to ensure that its guidelines and spirit be upheld. Anything less would constitute a betrayal of the Town.