Paper towels wasted


February 20, 2014


I strongly urge the Town to cease providing paper towels in change rooms at its recreation centers, and limit hand- and hair-drying to electric hand and hair driers.

            I swim at Elgin West pool three days a week, and am appalled at the volumes of paper towels some patrons consume, and the purposes for which they have taken the towels.

            I observed one patron take 10 feet of towel to wrap his wet bathing suit. Several patrons have dried themselves with several feet of paper towel instead of using their own towel.

            I even observed a patron pull at least twenty feet of paper towel, fold it up and put it in his sports bag, presumably for uses at home.

            As someone who pays nearly $300 a year for an annual pool pass, and as a taxpayer, I object to subsidizing patrons who waste, misuse or steal paper towels. I trust that to provide electric hand and hair driers will allow the Town to comply with building codes.

            In summary, please look at how much money the Town spends on paper towels for recreation centers, and consider how much money could be saved by discontinuing their availability.