Hard to sell and say Ďadieuí

Re Bidding adieu to home of your dreams? June 2.

In the article, Chris Simon refers to "an apparent unwillingness by aging Baby Boomers to sell their homes and downsize".

What drives this unwillingness? In my case (I'm 59, now on my own in a four-bedroom home built in 1987), it is a matter of needing to address the daunting matter of where would I move?

It is doubtful I'll stay in Richmond Hill when I sell, as I feel that smaller homes and condos here in town offer poorer value than my current home - a home half as big can easily cost three-quarters of what I'd get for my current place.

I'm contemplating a move to a community of under 30,000 outside of Ontario, where real estate prices, taxes, congestion and insurance costs are markedly lower than in York Region.

The biggest downside of this plan is that I would greatly miss my many good friends; however, financial necessity may prompt me to make such a move.