Green Words of Wisdom from Bill Clinton


By Bruce Rhodes


October 24, 2005


On October 18 this writer attended a keynote speech by former US president Bill Clinton at the Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre. During his presentation, Clinton outlined what he believes are the three biggest challenges that face the world today. One of the challenges, Clinton said, is climate change and global warming. Clinton cited the increased number of bad weather events in 2005, and referred to evidence of melting polar ice caps. “We have to be careful if we upset nature’s balance”, Clinton said. “We’re playing with fire” if we do not respond to nature’s cues. Through our heretofore-haphazard stewardship of the planet’s ecosystems, said Clinton, “we are playing Russian Roulette with our children’s future.”


The other two biggest challenges identified by Clinton were the possibility of local conflicts triggered by disaffected people using weapons of mass-destruction, and satisfying the desires and basic requirements of the half of the world’s population who do not believe that they are participating in the benefits of globalization.


Clinton said that despite the serious situations we face, we have reason for great optimism. Clinton believes that the number of people who care about these issues, and are prepared to act, is greater now than at any time in human history.




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