Book Review: Energy Autonomy: The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy, by Hermann Scheer


Reviewed by Bruce Rhodes


March 19, 2007


Scheer puts renewable and traditional fossil energy in their places


Energy Autonomy is a refreshing and thorough look at how the traditional fossil energy industry (oil, natural gas, nuclear), with its finite energy availability and its polluting characteristics, uses Mafia tactics to perpetuate its existence, all the while trying to keep renewable energy in a cozy, non-threatening corner.


I attended a presentation last month by Dr. Scheer in Toronto, and was impressed by his cogent, well-researched argument in favor of promoting renewable energy. As Dr. Scheer said, the price of fossil energy will only go up, going forward, and renewable energy costs will only go down. Anyone who relies on traditional fossil energy does so at his own peril.

Thanks to this book, I am much more optimistic about the energy future for humanity, although there are huge political barriers to overcome, as the lobbyists working for the oil and nuclear industries will never give up their belittling the potential role of renewable energy, and gun-shy governments are fearful of the consequences of cutting off the huge subsidies to the fossil energy industry.