Book Review: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, by Greg Palast


Reviewed by Bruce Rhodes


July 13, 2004


Palast Does Michael Moore One Better


I have enjoyed and recommend Michael Moore's two most recent books. However, as a practitioner of rigorous, tireless research into the subject of Bush and his dubious administration, Greg Palast is miles ahead of Mr. Moore. Palast has cultivated numerous insiders in Washington and in corporate offices, who are only too willing to pass on incriminating information about wrongdoing by senior people in government and business.


Palast is as much a detective as a journalist. If Moore uses a shovel to dig into his stories, Palast uses an excavator. I admire Palast for his energy level, cleverness and tenacity. My jaw dropped many times as I read his book, finding it hard to believe that people in positions of authority could be so greedy, crooked and nasty. Thank goodness we have people like Greg Palast to offer sound alternatives to the pap we get from the complicit "media giants".