Editors of numerous leading Canadian newspapers and magazines have published over sixty of Bruce's letters, including more than thirty letters in The Globe and Mail:

16-Oct-2019Globe & MailA chosen death, in the nick of time
09-Jun-2016Richmond Hill LiberalHard to sell and say 'adieu'
27-Oct-2015Whitehorse StarYou were well-served by all parties
17-Aug-2015Globe & MailWhat Mr. Wright did
09-May-2014Globe & MailMouse, behemoth
20-Apr-2014Richmond Hill LiberalPaper towels wasted
22-Aug-2013Richmond Hill LiberalWe are playing god with our water
11-Apr-2013Richmond Hill LiberalStop misusing tax dollars
19-Nov-2011Richmond Hill LiberalOMB decision would be betrayal
02-Jul-2011Richmond Hill LiberalComplain about noise by-law violations
26-Apr-2011Globe & MailMandatory voting - other voices
13-Jul-2010Globe & MailAn inhumane tradition
08-Aug-2008Globe & MailBlue-box bupkes
09-Feb-2008Globe & MailWeighing in on garbage
20-Jun-2007Globe & MailGreen car's already here
27-May-2007Richmond Hill LiberalTax drive-through food
02-Mar-2007Globe & MailSo fuelishly yesterday
05-Feb-2007Globe & MailRealistic solutions
27-Jan-2007Globe & MailMixed message
11-Jan-2007Globe & MailWunderhund
12-Dec-2006Globe & MailToward greener cars
07-Sep-2006Globe & MailSpeed limits
01-Sep-2006Globe & MailThe Thunder Bay option
15-Jun-2006York Region Business NewsItís True: Gasoline is Still Way Too Cheap
21-Apr-2006Globe & MailBlack gold's value
15-Jan-2006York Region Business NewsWhite winter could lead to Green Canada
13-Oct-2005Globe & Mail - Automotive SectionMuscle cars
22-Jul-2005Globe & MailThe true price
13-Jul-2005Globe & MailRaincoast bullies
01-Jun-2005York Region Business NewsNew gas tax would send message
05-May-2005Globe & Mail - Automotive SectionFuel use
31-Mar-2005Globe & MailDriven to destruction
22-Mar-2005Western Alumni GazetteIs campus beauty chemical-free?
17-Feb-2005Globe & Mail - Automotive SectionDiesel power
12-Jan-2005Globe & MailKyoto schooling
06-Jan-2005Globe & MailDon't discourage donors
20-Dec-2004Globe & MailSports priorities
28-Nov-2004Richmond Hill LiberalOnly higher fuel prices will change consumers
21-Oct-2004Globe & Mail - Automotive SectionBetter driver
14-Oct-2004Richmond Hill LiberalPaying to throw away makes sense
01-Oct-2004York Region Business NewsLowest price not always best for interest of society
29-Sep-2004Globe & MailNot so fast, Alberta
10-Jul-2004Globe & MailBeijing a warning
22-Jun-2004Globe & MailUniforms for landfillers
16-Jun-2004Toronto StarI'm buying in to Greens' message
14-May-2004Globe & MailBig Three's big blunder
13-May-2004Globe & MailMake cars comply
13-May-2004Globe & Mail - Automotive Sectionsmart
15-Apr-2004Globe & Mail - Automotive SectionA new look
26-Mar-2004Report on Business MagazineCorporate Social Responsibility
26-Feb-2004Richmond Hill LiberalBoosting composting at home more effective
20-Jan-2004Kitchener RecordWorst gas-guzzler here
15-Jan-2004Richmond Hill LiberalTolls should offset damage done by vehicles
15-Nov-2003Globe & MailNature out of balance
20-Oct-2003Globe & MailClosed eyes
01-Oct-2003Elm StreetSustained reading
28-Aug-2003Richmond Hill LiberalUse of electricity has become gratuitous
12-Jun-2003Richmond Hill LiberalReducing bag limit good first step
23-Mar-2003Richmond Hill LiberalRaising water rates only way to cut waste
20-Feb-2003Richmond Hill LiberalHomeowners should compost in back yards
16-Jan-2003Richmond Hill LiberalKeep standing up for environment
01-Jan-2003Globe & MailA garbage solution?
21-Nov-2002Richmond Hill LiberalHike car taxes to protect environment
13-Nov-2002Globe & MailPower politics
31-Oct-2002Richmond Hill LiberalClean energy users deserve break
23-May-2002Richmond Hill LiberalGood to see hybrid engine vehicle featured
28-Jan-2002Toronto StarWalk-ups would be eco-friendly
03-Jan-2002Globe & MailToward browner greens
20-Nov-2001Richmond Hill LiberalRoad construction turns woods into no man's land
30-Jul-2000Richmond Hill LiberalEnvironmental arrogance is scary
09-Jun-1998Richmond Hill LiberalUse of public transit needs review
03-May-1996Globe & MailThose Liberals
01-Dec-1994Toronto LifeUpper Canada controversy
15-Feb-1990Financial PostIdeas on economic recycling
01-Nov-1989Financial PostExposing childish MPs
22-Dec-1988Financial PostHurting our grandchildren by encouraging deficits
22-Sep-1988Financial PostPricing principles

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