Approximately 37 km

In Peterborough, you can find the trail at the corner of Brock and Bethune near downtown. This section of trail is part of the Trans-Canada Trail. Following the trail will eventually take you through Jackson's Park. The park is at the end of Monaghan Road where it meets Parkhill. This is another good access point.

Following the trail about 4 km past the park will bring you to a paved road. The Trans-Canada portion of the trail ends here, but the rail bed continues.

In about 6.5 km you will come to a road crossing with a big pile of dirt on the other side of the road. The trail is passable beyond here and veteran users of the trail assure me that there is still a legal public right-of-way. However, part of the trail beyond is signed "no trespassing". If you choose to continue this route, you will have to lift your bike over two piles of rocks - unless you are a mountain bike Jedi. This route is definitely not recommended for anyone afraid of heights as you will have to cross a relatively high trestle. I recommend crossing on foot - I've never heard of anyone falling from this trestle, but there are cases in BC of cyclists falling off similar trestles while attempting to ride across.

The alternate route is to turn left on this road and follow it to the next intersection (about 100m). Turn right and follow this road about 3.5 km to Victoria Road 10 (the next major intersection). Victoria Road 10 can be very busy and many drivers drive very fast and many more are not looking for cyclists. Use caution. Turn right on Victoria Road 10 and continue past Highway 7. The trail crosses the road about 750 metres north of Highway 7. It is fairly obscure on the left side of the road, but you can see the trail on the right and extrapolate it across.

About 2.7 km north of the trail on Victoria Road 10 is Emily Provincial Park. It's a nice, full service (showers) campground, even if it is ridiculously expensive ($19+ for an unserviced site).

Another 3.5 km will get you into Omemee. Sturgeon Street will take you downtown (Highway 7), where you can find most services.

If you're starting in Omemee, you can catch the trail by going north from Highway 7 on Sturgeon Street. Sturgeon Street is immediately west of the TD Bank. About 150m north of Highway 7, you will see the trail cross the road. Go right to go to Peterborough (previous directions, in reverse); left to go to Lindsay.

In about 3.2 km you will come to a gravel road. On the opposite side of the road, there are two concrete barriers. The trail beyond is passable, but you will come to a detour when you reach the next intersection. You will shorten this detour by turning left on the gravel road and following it about 600m to a "T" intersection. Turn left. This is Heights Rd. Follow this road about 400m to Highway 7 and turn right. Highway 7 is very busy, use caution. Follow Highway 7 about 1200m to Lilac Road and turn right. The trail resumes on the left about 1 km up Lilac Road.

Another 3.2 km will take you to Reaboro. In Reaboro, the trail takes you through a park. The park has picnic tables, a playground, and an outhouse.

Continue down the trail another 6.3 km and you will pass under a bridge. This is Highway 36. In approximatly 750m you will see a fork in the trail. Both forks will take you into Lindsay. The left fork is the shortest. The right fork will take you to a recreational trail that follows the Scugog River to the lift locks (This is actually the top end of the Lindsay to Millbrook Trail). Taking the left fork will take you over a bridge and towards the downtown area. The trail stops very briefly between Mill and Lindsay Streets but you can follow Durham Street around the discontinuation. It will be obvious when you see it. Follow Lindsay Street, William Street, or Victoria Street to Kent Street to get downtown. Or stay on the trail to get to Blackwater.

This section of trail was last rode August/September 2000

Map - Lindsay to Peterborough

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