How to Make Persian

This is an explanation of how to make the Full Persin weave. The half persian is almost impossible to explain without demonstrating, and is even difficult to teach in person. Feel free to try and figure it out on your own though. It does all make sense, but it can be tricky.

First, you start with a King's Braid. (Skip to step 2 if you know how to do this) To make King's braid, start with a length of normal 4 in 1, 3 wide. Fold the edges together and 'sew' up the back so you have a symmetric chain. It should look the same if you turn it 90 degrees. Now you have King's braid! (Wow, two lessons in one!)

Next step. Notice how the edges of the rings are outside the chain. (This can cause problems if there's no tension on it) Take these outside edges, open the rings, and re-thread them inside of the rings above them. Do this for each V-pair from the bottom up.

Now turn the chain 90 degrees and do the same to the other pairs.

You now have a Full Persian chain!

There is a direct way of doing this as well, see if you can figure it out. Start by lengthening the chain, and watch how the pattern develops.


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