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My name is Chris McLeod, welcome to my site. Take a look around, I have pictures, tips, and usefull links. This page is the hub, the little back icon on the bottom of each page will bring you here.
If you'd like to order something, E-mail me. There's a Mail link at the bottom of each page. I'd welcome any ideas for improvements; tell me what you'd like to see.

I began learning the art of mail about a year ago, and I'm still learning. I currently have a palette of about 20 different patterns or 'weaves'. Part of the fun and the challenge is to try new combinations, diffrerent ideas, and push the envelope of what you can do.

Some Basic Mail Info

The different mail patterns (at least the ones I know) fall into four different categories or 'families.'

Please, send me suggestions, tips, any bugs you find and such.

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