Here are some samples of my recent work.
This page was getting too big with all the graphics, so I've broken it into two pages. This page has all the finished pieces, the other page has close-ups of the different weaves.


A pair in European 4
{Price: $20 + $30}

A European 6
{Price: $40}

A single strand Persian 3
{Price: $20}

A wider persian 3
{Price: $40}

Other Pieces

A Headpiece {Price: $120}

Some necklaces + a Bracelet
{Price: 18" Full Persian Necklace $90 (top)
14" European 4 Choker $100 (lower)
Bracelet $45 1/2 Persian 3 on European 4}
Earring in European 4 in1
Closeup of an earring made with 2.5mm ID rings
{Price: $40/pr in Sterling Silver/Gold Filled}

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If you'd like to order something, E-mail me with the item description and what material you would like. Bracelet prices normally range from $20 to $60, depending on width and density. Necklaces start around $50 and go up depending on length and width.
I can do things in any weave here, plus a few, either in one metal or with patterns. Items are also available in Gold and Silver by special order

Mail me a description of the item and I can quote a price and arrange payment and delivery.

You can snail mail me at:
Chris McLeod
4 Summit Ave.
Toronto, ON, Canada
M6E 1X3
(416) 784-0864


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