RT 9308 (1997)


Glenn Spearman's G-Force

let it go

Glenn Spearman : tenor sax
Lisle Ellis : acoustic bass
Donald Robinson : trap drums
James Routhier : electric guitar

Geronimo's Song (Spearman) [14:13]
July '87 (Spearman) [7:40]
Go Left Out Of Shantiville (Spearman) [6:14]
Short Peace (Spearman) [4:49]
Almost Shaft (Spearman) [10:55]
Mixed Bag (Spearman) [14:59]
Jerry (Frank Wright) [14:13]

Recorded May, 1994, Mobius Music, San Francisco, CA

¨...may well be a creative peak for Glenn Spearman...G-Force is indeed a powerhouse quartet...the music has ample harmonic depth, touches of sublime beauty and thorny blasts, sometimes all in a space of moments...does present Spearman in a composerly role, one that reveals such a depth of ideas that he begins looking in my mind like Pharoah Sanders: a kernel of musical genious that has to be reckoned with...¨
-Andrew Bartlett - JazzLoft