RT 9310 (1997)

Rosco Blur
stable chaos

Rosco Blur : tenor & soprano sax
Paul Plimley : piano
Danny Parker : bass
Dylan van der Schyff : drums

1 New World Order (4:04)
2 Booze up and Riot (3:22)
3 Stable Chaos (6:43)
4 Jazz Mind (4:38)
5 Nowhere Fast (7:50)
6 Blood of the Mind (4:16)
7 Second Opinion (7:18)
8 Daddy Booze (7:54)
9 Lac du Lynn (4:12)

An album with a pervasive groove, adding spoken words to improvised jazz; it features Paul Plimley showing his great versatility on piano, + west-coast percussionist Dylan van der Schyff. This is a dynamic mixture with catchy melodies, exotic ambiences, kind of lounge music with attitude. Rosco's performance on sax can be passionate and reveal a gritty sound when the music is energetic, or soothing when it turns moody; it also leaves space for creative involvement from his friends. A promising first album.

Indie Jazz