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RT 9351

Uwe Oberg
Frank Paul Schubert
Wilbert De Joode
Mark Sanders

Uwe Oberg - piano
Frank Paul Schubert - soprano saxophone
Wilbert De Joode - bass
Mark Sanders - drums

Recorded live at festival Just Music,
Wiesbaden/Germany, February 20th, 2015





De Joode/ Sanders

the ten thousand things

Matthias Schubert
9 Compositions
for The Multiple
Joy[ce] Ensemble
nel margine

Thomas Heberer's

Ensemble X
Jan Klare's 1000
Joe Hertenstein


ardent grass
Alexey Lapin et it not
with your eyes


Brown /Winant

Szilard Mezei
Nad / Reed
Steve Cohn
iro iro
Alberto Braida
Wilbert De Joode 

reg erg
Carl Ludwig

primordial soup
Matthias Schubert
Kaufmann - Moore
Van der Schyff
Decision Dream 
steamroom variations
Joëlle Léandre
India Cooke

Simon H. Fell
four compositions
10 ans de
Liebig - Vatcher
on the cusp
of fire and water
Kyle Bruckmann
laura andel
Yudanov - Luoma
fryed fruit
Rosco Blur
stable chaos
Dana Reason
Peter Valsamis

border crossings
Glenn Spearman
let it go
Talking Pictures
the mirror
with a memory
Crispell - Houle
any terrain
Houle - Wilson
van der Schyff


Charles Papasoff


Out fo stock / Épuisés
Houle - Léandre

9 moments
Joëlle Léandre
Frank Gratkowski
Achim Kaufmann
gueule de loup

shooters and
Frank Gratkowski

c'est ça
Andrew Drury
polish theatre poster
Joëlle Léandre
no comment
Michael Jefry Stevens/
Mark Whitecage

short stories

banlieues bleues
Talking Pictures
ciao bella


RT 9351

Uwe Oberg
Frank Paul Schubert
Wilbert De Joode
Mark Sanders

Uwe Oberg - piano
Frank Paul Schubert - soprano saxophone
Wilbert De Joode - bass
Mark Sanders - drums

Recorded live at festival Just Music,
Wiesbaden/Germany, February 20th, 2015

Simon Rose
Stefan Schultze
the ten thousand things



Simon Rose: baritone and alto saxophones
Stefan Schultze: prepared piano


Recorded at The Loft, Cologne, Germany,
October 19 and 20, 2013

RT 9350

"TTT figure parmi les beaux albums de musique libre improvisée du milieu de cette décennie, à la fois chercheur, lyrique, intransigeant et communicatif d’émotions sincères et entières."

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg - Orynx

RT 9349

Evan Parker
Paul Dunmall
Tony Bianco

   Evan Parker : tenor saxophone
   Paul Dunmall : tenor saxophone
   Tony Bianco : drums

   Recorded at Garden Cottage / Delbury Hall on June 27, 2014

"a three-track master class in free-form improvisation."
Ken Waxman. JazzWord

"this disc provides that much needed medicine to help us all achieve nirvana." Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

"the instrumentalists' respective signature styles along with an energized game plan help ignite this raw and spirited improv fest into a festive no holds barred event."
Glen Astarita, All About Jazz

Matthias Schubert
9 Compositions for
  The Multiple Joy[ce]


Scott Fields – Guitar
Elisabeth Fügemann – Cello
Sebastian Gramss – Contrabass
Frank Gratkowski – Alto Saxophone
Carl Ludwig Hübsch – Tuba
Axel Lindner – Violin
Udo Moll – Trumpet
Matthias Muche – Trombone
Matthias Schubert – Conductor
Angelika Sheridan – Flute
Holger Werner – Clarinet
Phillip Zoubek – Piano

   Recorded 20.12.2012 at Loft Wissmannstr.
    30 50823 Köln Germany

RT 9348

" a program that snugly resides in the avant-garde space." Glen Astarita, All About Jazz


RT 9347

Thomas Heberer
Achim Kaufmann

   Thomas Heberer : trumpet
   Achim Kaufmann : piano

   recorded in Berlin, December 2011

"a series of stark duets" Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

"The result is one of refreshing drama, clever sensitivity, precision in rawness, disciplined invention, and this with a broad and open-minded vision on music. For sure one of the most interesting albums of the year. " Stef Gijssels, The Free Jazz Collective


Alberto Braida
Giancarlo Locatelli
nel margine



Alberto Braida: piano
Giancarlo Locatelli: clarinet, bass clarinet

   recorded live on November 21, 2010
   as part of the concert series “In Viaggio #9 bis”
   at Sala Vallaperti in Melzo

RT 9346

"This is one of the more creative yet still somber at times duo sessions I've heard."
Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG


RT 9345

Thomas Heberer's Clarino

Thomas Heberer – trumpets
Joachim Badenhorst – clarinets
Pascal Niggenkemper – bass

Recorded in Brooklyn in May 2011

"a very exciting and creative journey to experience. Highly Recommended." Stephan Moore, JazzWrap

"The end result is extremely beautiful, with songs to be moved, to wonder at, to be surprised, to be impressed. *****" Stef Gijssels, The Free Jazz Collective


Ensemble X


Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba / ensemble initiator / catalyst
Nate Wooley/Nils Ostendorf – trumpet
Matthias Muche – trombone
Xavier Charles/Markus Eichenberger – clarinets
Dirk Marwedel – extended saxophone
Eiko Yamada – recorders
Angelika Sheridan – flutes
Philip Zoubek – piano
Christoph Schiller – spinet
Nicolas Desmarchelier – guitar
Tiziana Bertoncini/Harald Kimmig – violin
Martine Altenburger – violoncello
Ulrich Phillipp – double bass
Uli Böttcher – electronic
Olivier Toulemonde – objects
Michael Vorfeld – percussion

RT 9344

Recorded December 2008 in Cologne
and May 2011 in Berlin

"When searching for treasure amongst European improv releases, X certainly marks the spot." Bryon Hayes, Exclaim !


RT 9343

Jan Klare's 1000


Jan Klare – reeds
Bart Maris – trumpet
Wilbert de Joode – bass
Michael Vatcher – drums

Recorded at Studio Odéon 120, Bruxelles on May 5, 2011



An amazingly creative quartet





Joe Hertenstein– drums
Thomas Heberer – trumpets
Joachim Badenhorst – bass clarinet
Pascal Niggenkemper – bass

Recorded live in New-York City, February 2010

RT 9342

these works signify a hub of cleverly enacted plot conversions. It's an agile unit that can transcend stately themes into loosely organized dialogues with regenerative plot developments. And the soloists' focused interactions intimate a highly artistic game plan that supersedes the tried and true
Glenn Astarita , All About Jazz

the end result sounds nothing like a cerebral exercise, because of its incredible sense of spontaneity and musical joy that reverberates with every note.
Stef Gijssels , Free Jazz

RT 9341

in Just

Frank Gratkowski – alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Szilárd Mezei – viola
Albert Márkos– cello
Martin Blume – drums, percussions


Recorded May 03, 2010 at LOFT (Cologne, Germany)

fearsome individuality
Nic Jones - All About Jazz

Gratkowski - Anderskov

ardent grass


Frank Gratkowski – alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Jacob Anderskov – piano


Recorded at Loft, Köln, October 28, 2009 and September 7, 2008


RT 9340

something of an object lesson
Nic Jones - All About Jazz

This CD isn’t just notable for inspired playing, but also as a definition of how a modern mainstream disc should sound.
New York City Jazz Record - Ken Waxman

RT 9339


seek it not with your eyes

Alexey Lapin – piano
Melvyn Poore – tuba, euphonium
Matthias Schubert – tenor sax
Roger Turner – percussion
+ Helen Bledsoe – flute

Recorded live at the LOFT (Cologne, Germany)
June 18, 2009



Despite the almost half-century of free improvisation on record, examples such as Seek It Not With Your Eyes serve to emphasize how the methodology is still fresh and still a haven for the unexpected; that elusive sound of surprise is evident here in abundance.
All About Jazz - Nic Jones




Dave Liebman: soprano & tenor saxes, bamboo flute
Evan Parker: soprano & tenor saxes
Tony Bianco: drums



RT 9338
Recorded at The Vortex, in London, January 27, 2008


Relevance offers one of the most spectacular examples of unrestrained tenor—and soprano—madness since John Coltrane recorded with Pharoah Sanders.
All About Jazz - Ken Waxman

While their soprano saxophones provide passages of light and reflection, it’s the dark intensity of the tenor exchanges that is most memorable in one of the year’s most impassioned releases.
MusicWorks — Stuart Broomer


RT 9337



Joëlle Léandre: double bass and voice
Maguelone Vidal: soprano and baryton saxes, voice,                             tom bass
Raymond Boni: guitar

Recorded live at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpelier Languedoc-Rousillon on January 15, 2008



Bassist/vocalist Joëlle Léandre, saxophonist/vocalist Maguelone Vidal and guitarist Raymond Boni blend their instruments and imaginations, delving into the unusual and fathoming the unexpected. The end result is fascinating. Jerry D'Souza - All About Jazz



Frank Gratkowski, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax
Chris Brown, piano and live electronics
William Winant, vibraphone and percussion

Recorded live at Mills College, Oakland, California, USA
on March 23, 2007


RT 9336

"the artists’ triumphantly pursue a wealth of uncanny musical propositions that should consistently prod or test your inner psyche"
Glen Astarita - All About Jazz


RT 9335


Szilard Mezei Ensemble
Nad / Reed

Svetlana Novakovic – flute
Emoke Zákány – oboe
Bogdan Rankovic – alto sax, bass clarinet
Slobodan Dragaš – trumpet
Branislav Aksin – trombone

Kornél Pápista – tuba
Szilárd Mezei – viola
Albert Márkos – violoncello
Viktor Molnár – violoncello
Ivan Burka – vibraphone, marimba, xylophone
Milan Aleksic – piano, celesta
Ervin Malina – double bass
Hunor G. Szabó – drums, marimba

István Csík – drums, percussions


The music is stately and invigorating and never ceases to thrill. Mezei has fashioned a multi-dimensional and absorbing piece of art.
Jerry D'Souza - All About Jazz


Steve Cohn
iro iro

Steve Cohn: piano, shakuhachi, hichiriki, shofar,
                     ektara, percussion
Masahiko Kono: trombone
Tomas Ulrich: cello
Kevin Norton: drums, vibes, percussion
RT 9334



"Harmonic/melodic sophistication, astute phrasing and the willingness to reference groove once in a while combine to relate cogent and developed thematic material that wastes neither time nor space in its execution. A more thorough exploration in the ebb and flow of restraint and intensity would be hard to find."
Nilan Perera -Destination Out


Alberto Braida
Wilbert de Joode

reg erg

Alberto Braida - piano
Wilbert de Joode - bass

RT 9332

The two are improvisers of the first caliber, always looking for the new and different while acknowledging the root that is the take-off point. (...) The two are improvisers of the first caliber, always looking for the new and different while acknowledging the root that is the take-off point.
Jerry D'Souza - All About Jazz

RT 9331


Carl Ludwig Hübsch's
primordial soup

Axel Dörner - trumpet
Frank Gratkowski - reeds
Michael Griener - drums, percussion
Carl Ludwig Hübsch - tuba, composition

This music might be one of the finer examples of how free jazz can be tailored into not randomly coherent, but orchestrated, coherence.
Mark Corroto - All About Jazz

Imaginative and challenging, it accurately evokes the themes of strangeness and beauty that commingle in the distant structures and spaces of our universe as Hübsch’s inspiration for this work.
Brian S. Lunde - Jazz Review


Matthias Schubert Quartet

Matthias Schubert: tenor sax
Claudio Puntin: clarinet
Carl Ludwig Hübsch: tuba
Tom Rainey: drums

RT 9330

A delirious mix of avant-garde composition and New Orleans style collective improvisation. - Indie Jazz

"Trappola" is a great disc that doesn't quite sound like anything else I've heard in a while.
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Blending freewheeling structures, fervent improvisation and ironic humor with Old World traditions, Schubert and company lend a new wrinkle to the tried and true. Historical revisionism never sounded so good..
Troy Collins - All About Jazz

RT 9329


Kaufmann - Moore - Van der Schyff

Achim Kaufmann : piano
Michael Moore : clarinet, alto saxophone, melodica, elk calls
Dylan Van der Schyff : drums
with guest Wolter Wierbos : trombone

"...small-group improvisation at its most sensitive and responsive"
Troy Collins - All About Jazz


Decision Dream
steamroom variations

Anthony Bianco : drums and cymbals
Magnus Alexanderson : electric guitar and loops
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells : electric double bass and loops
RT 9328
"...a vigorous document of improvisation at its most fervent.(...) Decision Dream has channeled its inspirations into a furnace of white-hot xpressionism."
Troy Collins - One Final Note

"...spontaneous improvisation braids the strands into a pulsating, awesome tapestry."
Jerry D'Souza, All About Jazz

RT 9327


Joëlle Léandre - India Cooke

Joëlle Léandre: bass
India Cooke: violin

"A passionate choreography of strings. Firedance ranks as one of Léandre's best live sets and is a must-have for fans of improvised string music."
- François Couture, All Music Guide


Simon H. Fell

 four compositions

Simon Fell Quintet:

Alex Ward clarinet
Gail Brand trombone
Alex Maguire piano
Simon H. Fell double bass
Steve Noble drums

Simon Fell Quartet:
Alex Ward clarinet
Guy Llewellyn french horn
Simon H. Fell double bass
Mark Sanders drums & electronics
RT 9326
"Obviously, one of 2004's best and most challenging releases."
- Downtown Music Gallery

RT 9225


10 ans de RED TOUCAN




"A spectacular two disc set"
Matthew Sumera, One Final Note


Liebig - Vatcher - Golia
 on the cusp of fire and water

Michael Vatcher: drums, percussion
Steuart Liebig: contrabassguitars
Vinny Golia: soprano sax, stritch, alto flute, clarinet
RT 9324
"A wonderful recording, worth returning to again and again"
- Matthew Sumera -One Final Note

RT 9323


Kyle Bruckmann's

Jeb Bishop: trombone
Kyle Bruckmann: oboe, english horn
Tim Daisy: percussion
Kurt Johnson: bass
Jen Clare Paulson: viola

"At their most laissez-faire, these pieces are tributes to four colleagues whose playing I adore: structures that enable me to finagle my friends into improvising together in certain combinations at certain times. But where they are more determinate, the tunes are devised as an excuse to indulge my lyrical side".


(music for 14 musicians and conductor)

Surrealities, wandering through near distant paths. How far is here?
A trace of infinity conceals and unfolds.

RT 9322




Nikolai Yudanov
Peter Brötzmann
Sakari Luoma
 fryed fruit

Nikolai Yudanov: batterie
Peter Brötzmann: saxophones
Sakari Luoma: guitare

RT 9316

The music on this CD was created during our tour as a trio in Finland in the summer of 1999. We recorded in the Kerubi Club in Joensuu, a small industrial town in central Finland. The very "dry" acoustics in the small nightclub altered our approach to some of the compositions. We liked the outcome...
(N. Yudanov)

RT 9310


Rosco Blur
 stable chaos

Rosco Blur : tenor & soprano sax
Paul Plimley : piano
Danny Parker : bass
Dylan van der Schyff : drums

An album with a pervasive groove,
adding spoken words to improvised jazz ; it features Paul Plimley showing his great versatility on piano, + west-coast percussionist Dylan van der Schyff. This is a dynamic mixture with catchy melodies, exotic ambiences, kind of lounge music with attitude. Rosco's performance on sax can be passionate and reveal a gritty sound when the music is energetic, or soothing when it turns moody ; it also leaves space for creative involvement from his friends. A promising first album. - Indie Jazz


Dana Reason
Peter Valsamis
border crossings

Dana Reason : piano
Peter Valsamis : drums, sampler

RT 9309


¨ From the first spare notes of this extraordinary recording of piano and percussion music, it is clear that Dana Reason is finding her own creative voice, without paying heed to the boundaries that define jazz, classical, or new music....what emerges sometimes delicately, sometimes boldly, from the sympathetic interplay of piano and percussion is less a declaration of virtuosity and style than an unfolding of meaning and an expression of that ineffable quality, musical integrity.

Derk Richardson

RT 9308


Glenn Spearman's G-Force
let it go

Glenn Spearman : tenor sax
Lisle Ellis : acoustic bass
Donald Robinson : trap drums
James Routhier : electric guitar

¨...may well be a creative peek for Glenn Spearman... G-Force is indeed a powerhouse quartet ...the music has ample harmonic depth, touches of sublime beauty and thorny blasts, sometimes all in a space of moments...does present Spearman in a composerly role, one that reveals such a depth of ideas that he begins looking in my mind like Pharoah Sanders: a kernel of musical genious that has to be reckoned with...¨
Andrew Bartlett


Talking Pictures
the mirror with a memory

Ron Samworth : guitar / effects
Peggy Lee : cello
Bill Clark : trumpet
Dylan van der Schyff : percussion

RT 9307

¨ The mirror with a memory ¨ integrates the dissonances and the noise of new music with jazz, making it a tantalizing musical adventure, an open door into a labyrinth of improvising, deep groove swing and surreal playfulness.
...cinematic in imagery and catholic in concept.... confirms Ron Samworth as leading-edge composer.

Laurence Svirchev

RT 9305


Marilyn Crispell
François Houle
any terrain tumultuous

Marilyn Crispell : piano
François Houle : clarinet


¨ from note one of this cd, there is a palpable sense of communication between Crispell and Houle, remarquable because this is their first musical encounter. `Any terrain tumultuous` examined from any contour, is a major work. ¨ Laurence Svirchev


François Houle trio

Francois Houle : clarinets
Tony Wilson : electric guitar
Dylan van der Schyff : percussion

RT 9303
a radical questioning of all things musical, all things ¨trio¨ and most things sonic... ¨Andrew Bartlett

RT 9301


Charles Papasoff

Charles Papasoff : baritone & soprano sax , flute
Baikida Carroll : trumpet & flugel.
Santi Debriano : bass
Pheeroan Aklaff : drums
Jean Beaudet : piano

¨ Papasoff is, on the basis of this stimulating recording, one of the top baritonists around in the 90`s .¨

Scott Yanow
¨ The most impressive Canadian baritone player... wild and wonderful. ¨
Mark Miller

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Out fo stock / Épuisés

RT 9333

François Houle
Joëlle Léandre
Raymond Strid

9 moments

François Houle - clarinets
Joëlle Léandre - double bass
Raymond Strid - percussion

"you’d be hard-pressed to chance upon a more invigorating set of improv-spawned works that excite the mind’s eye. Where others fail miserably, these folks succeed in rather luminous fashion!"
Glenn Astarita - Jazz Review

"Three exceptional improvisers comfortable in the art of instant interaction join forces and unleash an exceptional aural treat on 9 Moments. (...) Expectancy is belied by surprise, the ordinary by excellence."
Jerry D'Souza - All About Jazz

Joëlle Léandre
Masahiko Satoh
Yuji Takahashi

Joëlle Léandre: contrebasse
Masahiko Satoh: piano
Yuji Takahashi: piano

RT 9321

"Duets of any configuration in the avant-garde decry any idea of leader-sideman.
This explains the many bass-led duets, a concept alien to hardbop circles, of which bassist Joëlle Léandre is a veteran. Her latest two-disc set on the Canadian imprint Red Toucan, Signature, pairs her with two drastically different Japanese pianists: Masahiko Satoh and Yuji Takahashi. Though the two 30+ minute sessions, recorded live in Japan on two days in December 2000,
showcase her forceful playing, they are ultimately a reflection of each pianist’s identity."
Andrey Henkin - All about jazz

RT 9320

Georg Graewe
Frank Gratkowski
John Lindberg

Georg Graewe: piano
John Lindberg: bass
Frank Gratkowski: alto saxophone, clarinet, bass and contrabass clarinet


"Georg and John had not played together for 15 years (formerly in Graewe's Grubenklang Orchestra in 1985/86) until this recording but their immediate rapport belies this fact...they match perfectly from the first moment on this cd.
The trio's music making on this disc is nothing short of passionate musical introspection.

Achim Kaufmann
Michael Moore
Henning Sieverts
John Hollenbeck

 Gueule de loup 

Achim Kaufmann: piano
Michael Moore: alto saxophone, clarinets
Henning Sieverts: bass
John Hollenbeck: drums

RT 9319

RT 9318

John Butcher
Gerry Hemingway

 shooters and bowlers

John Butcher: saxophones
Gerry Hemingway: batterie, percussions, harmonica, sampler

Hot House, Chicago  16/02/2000
Gateway Studios, London  28/05/2000


Frank Gratkowski - Wolter Wierbos
Dieter Manderscheid
- Gerry Hemingway


Frank Gratkowski : saxophone alto, clarinettes
Wolter Wierbos : trombone
Dieter Manderscheid : contrebasse
Gerry Hemingway : batterie

RT 9317

"Simply put, Kollaps is one of Frank Gratkowski's finest albums. ...the saxophonist/clarinetist wrote all of the seven pieces.... Highlights abound, and all four musicians shine.... (Kollaps) is a delightful record."
François Couture - All Music Guide

RT 9315

Joëlle Léandre
François Houle
Hasse Poulsen
 c'est ça 

Joëlle Léandre : bass & voice
François Houle : clarinet
Hasse Poulsen : acoustic guitar



After listening to jazz (Mingus, Cecil Taylor, Monk, Dolphy), "I quickly got into the free, improvised realm where, for me, Derek Bailey is extremely important,
also George Lewis and Irène Schweizer, and for sure, Anthony Braxton. Meeting Derek in New York several years ago had nearly the same impact on me as meeting Cage"
(J. Léandre - Kanach, 1991)

Andrew Drury
polish theatre posters

Andrew Drury : drum set
Briggan Krauss : alto sax
Craig Flory : tenor sax , bass clarinet
Timothy Young : electric guitar
Phil Sparks : acoustic bass
Eyvind Kang : violin
Brent Arnold : cello
Steve Moore : trombone

RT 9314

...The disc is at once brash and complex, filled with rattling stops and starts, blasts of noise, and sweet lyrical passages which create a sort of hyperactive carnival aesthetic by the record's end...
Trey Hatch

RT 9313

Joëlle Léandre
no comment 

Joëlle Léandre : solo bass & voice






...In Leandre's hands, the bass can sing, shout, or sigh with a soulful power....
At times, it seems almost impossible that all of this music could be coming from one person. Each of these improvisations are spectacular pieces of spontaneous composition, shaped out of textural abstractions, melodic threads, and keen references to the Jazz bass tradition. This is music full of gesture, detail, and dramatic scope. No Comment is an indispensable addition to Leandre's already massive list of recordings, and a stellar recital of solo improvisation.¨

Michael Rosenstein

Michael Jefry Stevens
Mark Whitecage
short stories

Michael Jefry Stevens : piano
Mark Whitecage: alto clarinet, alto & soprano sax

RT 9312

Powerful sound emerges from the universe when...( Stevens and Whitecage ) ...improvise on very short forms composed by Stevens ....a volatile and stunning synergy that comes from their long association with each other. ...a culmination of everything they have done over a decade...this collaborative method of `composing in the moment` ...Whitecage fascinated with sound, ambience and melody, Stevens with harmony. ...together, they make miraculous and beautiful artistry that tells the long story of their vital relationship to each other, to the established and emerging musicians of the modern genre and to the music itself. ¨ Laura Arbuckle

RT 9306

Joëlle Léandre
François Houle
Georg Graewe

 live @ Banlieues Bleues

Joëlle Léandre : bass
François Houle : clarinet
Georg Graewe : piano

¨ ..the trio explores various ways of constructing a spontaneous, flexible chamber music out of small, finely chiseled details. Their almost telepathic quickness finds them altering dynamics and voicings at the blink of an eye,
and sparks fly from their symbiotic, push/pull interplay...
Art Lange

Talking Pictures
 ciao bella

Ron Samworth : guitar / effects
Peggy Lee : cello
Bill Clark : trumpet
Dylan van der Schyff : percussion




RT 9304
¨ four of the more important figures from the city's ( Vancouver ) creative music community... ¨
Mark Miller

An unconventional group that explores the realms of jazz, new music, free improv, hendrixian skronk and art film soundtracks, no subtitles...

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