David Carruthers is a London children’s author whose stories enchant children of all ages. David was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1972 and now resides in London, Ontario. David has also resided in Kansas City and Halifax. David attended Dalhousie University in Halifax. He graduated with a degree in Sociology and minored in Dramatic Arts. David got married in July of 1999 and was delighted to become a father to his son in June 2000 and his daughter in May 2002.

     David has been writing for many years and decided to self-publish his first book, “The Bird That Wanted To Fly”, in 1996. Since then, David has self-published eleven other books. The titles of his books include; “The Candy Dragon”, “What Sound Does A Giraffe Make?”, “Fat Cat, Fat Cat”, “The Wolf That Couldn’t Aroooo”, “The Night Santa Ate Too Many Cookies”, “I Wonder”, “What Sound Does A Rhinoceros Make?”, “A Worm’s True Love” , “Gorse The Horse” and “The Bravest Little Firefighter” and his newest release, “Gordie The Golf Ball”. He also has a CD produced with an additional 16 other stories.

     David has also directed a theatrical production of “The Candy Dragon” in 1999, in which all proceeds were donated to The Children’s Hospital Of Western Ontario, Jesse’s Journey and The Muscular Dystrophy Society. It proved to be a very worthwhile and rewarding venture for all who were involved. The second production of “The Candy Dragon” play was in the spring of 2002 at Talbot Theatre in London, where he collected can food items for the London Food bank. David recently has taken part in a charity auction for Wellspring with other Canadian authors.

     Through all of David’s book sales, he believes that it is very important to give back to the community by making charitable donations. Since 1996, he has donated considerable amounts to The Big Brothers Of Canada and The Children’s Hospital Of Western Ontario.

     David has also visited well over two hundred and fifty schools in Ontario to give presentations, workshops, read his books and teach others about the writing and publishing process. David is very popular with the children as he has a very kind and friendly nature. The children delight in his animated and entertaining presentations of his books. David is a talented children’s author whose books are enjoyed by children both young and old.

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