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CORBA and Object Technologies

Christopher Browne

Table of Contents
2. CORBA Implementations
3. CORBA Language Mappings
4. Other CORBA Services
5. CORBA Documentation
6. Other CORBA Samples
7. Alternatives to CORBA
8. Object Oriented and Event Driven Programming
9. UML - Unified Modelling Language


The Common Object Request Broker Architecture seeks to provide a OS-platform- and language-independent "platform" to allow object components to be connected to one another.

This allows applications to be split into pieces (fine grained client/server applications) where components may be running on different parts of a network, on different kinds of computers, perhaps with components written in varying computer languages.

This could provide similar functionality to a Transaction Processing Monitor if CORBA objects are created to manage database updates. Presumably the "manager" objects should run on the database server in order to maximize robustness...

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