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A Taxonomy of Linux Distributions

Christopher Browne

Table of Contents
1. Linux Distributions
2. Red Hat Linux
3. Debian
4. Slackware
5. S.u.S.E. Linux
6. Network Device Linux Distributions
7. Embedded/Tiny Linux Distributions
8. End User Linux Distributions
9. Attempts at "Secure" Linux Distributions
10. Linux Distributions for Special Platforms
11. Miscellanea

1. Linux Distributions

A Linux "Distribution" represents a somewhat integrated installation package that typically provides such components as:

I first installed Linux from a 1993 version of the Infomagic Linux Developers CDROM set, using the Slackware distribution. In theold days, there were only 2 CDs in the set. Things sure have changed since then.

These days, I am mostly running Debian.

There are a whole lot of distributions, including a lot of variations/relations to one another.

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