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Research and Experimental Operating Systems

Christopher Browne

Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Overview
2. Terry Lambert's Top Ten List For A Non-Proprietary OS
3. Microkernel-based OS Efforts
4. GNU Hurd
5. Solaris Relations
6. Not-quite-Unix-Like OSes
7. VMS
8. Novel OS Work
9. Multics
10. Various PC Oses

This document collects links I have collected relating to various (mostly experimental) operating systems.

1. Introduction and Overview

Linux is only one of many systems that are providing innovative ideas in the area of operating systems. There are some people that would have Linux (or NetBSD, or OpenBSD, or, horror of horrors, Microsoft Windows NT) be the only operating system in use.

While I certainly do favor seeing Linux in wide-spread use, and think there is some value to seeing it in universal use nearly everywhere, I do not favor the idea of making it, or any other system, the exclusive choice. While I may be monotheistic in spiritual matters, I believe in pluralism in the context of computing.

There are many reasons for exclusivity to be a bad thing.

The page Operating Systems on the Web presents a nice perspective on comparative operating systems, as does Brad Appleton's Operating Systems Links.

The Google Directory of Open Source Operating Systems provides yet another interesting list of operating system.

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