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SAP R/3 - A 3 Tier Client/Server ERP System

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SAP R/3 is perhaps the best known ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system on the market. Originally dating back to the 1970s, it took the then-controversial approach of combining various business functions into one application and database.

Originally, R/2 was implemented atop mainframe databases like DB/2 , Adabas, and IMS.

In the 1980s, SAP designed a new architecture for the new R/3 system using a multi-tiered Client/Server architecture, with data storage on a database server running some relational database, application code, written in their ABAP/4 language, running on a set of application servers.

SAP intended to keep a degree of vendor-independence; the application server software can run on a number of platforms that have included several Unix flavors, VMS, and Microsoft Windows NT, whilst they have supported a variety of relational databases, including Oracle, Adabas, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server. Front end software uses their own proprietary protocols atop TCP/IP, and has run on various platforms.

I used to do R/3 work, but am no longer in this market. I no longer have terribly many useful contacts, so if you're trying to staff a project, it probably isn't worth contacting me.

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