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1. General Travel Servers
2. GPS
3. The India Trip

1. General Travel Servers

1.1. Travel Luggage

1.2. Dining


    Restaurant reviews around the world

  • Le Paradis

    My last roommate, when I was in Toronto, is the charcoutier for this Toronto restaurant.

1.5. CRSes

The Sabre Travel Information Network (which is what people generally think of when they hear about Sabre) has a Web site that can be used to access various travel schedule and reservation information. It is called Travelocity, and is stressing some high end SGI boxes to their expected capabilities and beyond.

Just for interest's sake, some other major CRSes (Computer Reservation Systems) are:

  • Worldspan owned mostly by Delta, Northwest Airlines, TWA

  • AXXESS (Japan Air Lines)


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