This Web Site is here to assist people in developing the "Happiness Habit".

If you are like most people you probably view happiness as an end result. Happiness is a result of buying a new car or becoming financially successful. If this is a view of happiness that you share I have great news for you. You need not wait to be happy. You can be happy right now! Happiness is a decision we must make.We must make happiness a habit.

"I am convinced that happiness is within the reach of everyone. The problem is that if we reach out, we are going in the wrong direction. Happiness is, and has always been, an inside job." John Powell

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The Newletter - Be Happy

Everyone knows the importance of being happy. The trouble is that we sometimes forget. This is why I have started a newsletter that you could receive every month. This letter serves as a reminder of the importance of being happy. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and each newsletter has short stories, jokes and quotes that relate to the specific theme.

This newletter can be E-mailed to you every month for a year for the low price of $5.99 cdn.


My Book

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The Book - Go Ahead Make Your Day

This book is by no means an attempt to tell you how to be happy.This short book was published in 1994 and was intended to assist you in forming the happiness habit. Instead of thinking of happiness as a the result of something, start with happiness and watch your results.

When you start with happiness:

  • stress management takes care of itself.
  • handling negativity takes care of itself.
  • customer service takes care of itself.
  • better health takes care of itself.
  • positive thinking takes care of itself.

The Book's Table of Contents


1- Becoming Your Best Friend
2-Take Responsibility For Your Reactions
3-Competing Only With Yourself
4-Don't Take Yourself To Seriously
5-Welcome Criticism
6-Write Your Own Eulogy
7-Focus On Now
8-Aim For Balance
9-Don't Expect To Much From Others
10-Count Your Blessings
11-Stop Worrying
12-Take The Time To Reflect
Go Ahead Now

Appendix A

This Book as been converted to HTML and can be E-mailed to you for only $5.99 Cnd.



Newsletter-Be Happy/per year $5.99ea
Book-Go Ahead Make Your Day $5.99ea
One year of the Newletter and one Book $9.99ea
Additional copies for friends -Newsletter-Be Happy/per year $2.99ea
Additional copies for friends -Book-Go Ahead Make Your Day $2.99ea
Additional copies for friends -1 year
of the Newletter and 1 Book

To Order
Please Send Cheque or Money Order to:
Claude Fontaine
300 Rimmington Dr
Please include your E-mail address and that of your friends if you are ordering for them.
All prices are in Canadian funds/tax included.

For more information please contact

Send a E-mail to or Claude Fontaine
Oakville Ontario

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