Custom Coolant Equipment Inc.

Serving The Metal Working Industry.

Whatever your industrial fluid requirements may be, let Custom Coolant Equipment help you to recycle your fluids to get optimal life from your products. We can help you to save money on concentrated fluid purchases and at the same time minimize disposal costs and maximize profits.

Tramp Oil Removal

Get rid of unwanted free floating oils from your Individual Coolant Sump, Cleaner Tank or wherever non emulsifies oils collect. Trampoil Solids Separators are ideal for conditions where solids are the main concern. In addition to removing free oils, effective solids settling occurs in the coalescer media. Captured solids are then flushed from the cone bottom tank. Great for use in alkaline cleaner applications

* Trampoil Separators In Standard Sizes From 2 - 200 USGPM

* Trampoil Solids Separators In Standard Sizes From 2 - 200 USGPM

* Oil Wheels

Metal Working Coolant Recyclers

Take a whole plant approach to coolant problems using one of our coolant recyclers and regain control of concentrations. Address such problems as oil removal, solids removal, coolant makeup. Reduce health and Safety concerns, downtime and extend tool life.

* Centralized Coolant Recycling Systems

* Fluid Handling Systems

* Coolant Mixing Pumps and Stations

Sump Cleaners

* Mobile Air Operated

* Drum Conversion Kits

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Take a sensible approach to coolant mixing by starting out with pure water. When 90-95% of your coolant is water it pays to start with pure water to stop the formation of hard water soaps and build up of salts and other minerals found in tap water.

Filtration Packages

* Cartridge Filters

* Bag Filters

* Manual Paper Filters

* Automatic Indexing Paper Filters

* Magnetic Separators

Fluid Handling Systems

* Dirty and Clean Fluid Pumping Stations

* Level Controls

Consulting Services

* Plant Waste Minimization Audits

* Plant Layouts

* Fluid Handling Layouts

* Installation Assistance


* On Site Service of Existing Recycling Equipment

* Spare parts for Existing Recycling Equipment


* Filter Bags

* Filter Cartridges

* Filter Paper

* R/O Membranes

* U/F Membranes

Storage Tanks

* Plastic Tanks

* Steel Tanks

* Dump Stations

* Level Control

Membrane Cleaning Supplies

Wether you require one of our standard products or a custom tailored recycling system we are sure that Custom Coolant Equipment Inc. can be of service to you.

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