The singing /song writing team of Rogers & Clarke have been together for more than a year.  They have had amazing success. These international performers have played venues such as Song Mart and The Outlet in New York, N.Y. and clubs in North Africa like Chez Casablanca.  Recently they were asked to play at the Palace of Caid of Assari.

Before Lyle Rogers came to New York from the South he had worked in a gas station and hunted his own food while honing his song writing skills. To pay the bills while he was trying to break into the music business, he drove an ice cream truck.  Out of love for the children he served he would also do impromptu concerts.   Lyle in now separated from his wife Willa whom he married at the age of seventeen.

Chuck Clarke, known as the ladies man of the duo, was raised in Queens, N. Y.  Being raised in a good Jewish home only fueled his neuroses, which has led to some of the pair's most poignant lyrics.  While waiting to be discovered, Chuck played standards at a New York night club/restaurant.  On special anniversaries or celebrations, he would write specific songs for that occasion.  This is, in fact, how he met his best friend and writing partner, Lyle Rogers.

Five months after joining forces, these two song smiths of the modern age were discovered by their agent, Marty Freedman.   Ever since that day, their career has been going up hill.  Marty gave them the same advice he had given Tony Bennett about song selection, and set up their first tour and record deal.