Chinese Public Holidays 2006 (Source: Chinese Embassy, Ottawa)

    If you are planning for business travel to China in 2006, you should  
be aware of the Chinese Public Holidays. (Besides having your  
business card translated to Chinese)  
    Jan  01       --  New Year's Day 
    Jan  02       --  Second Day of New Year 
    Jan  03       --  Third Day of New Year 
    Jan  29-31 -- Chinese New Year or Spring Festival (3 days) ** 
    May 01-03 -- International Labor Day (3 days) ** 
    Oct  01-03 -- National Day (3 days) ** 
    ** Important Note Read Carefully: The "weekends" (Sat,Sun days off) 
preceeding and following the above 3-day holidays may be shifted from 
year-to-year TOWARDS the 3-day block to give a continuous stretch 
of  7 days off (Golden Week). They may end up having to work on other Sat. or 
Sun. to make up. To complicate things more, the actual arrangement is usually not 
finalized until shortly before the holiday event. Check with your host or travel 
agent to confirm. 
    The following days are partial holidays for particular groups of 
people. Business meetings may or may not be affected. 

    Mar 08       -- International Women's Day (All women get a half day off).  
    May 04      -- Youth Day (All persons 14-20 get a half day off).  
    Jun   01      -- Children's Day (All children 13 and under get a full day off).  
    Aug  01      -- Army Day (Special procedure dept. of national defense 
                          for all armed forces personnel).

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